There is no greater pride and joy than watching you read books on your own

Now that CHA is passed, I wanted to share some of my The Girls’ Paperie work I made for the show.

Journaling Reads:
As Kindergarten approached my biggest worry was teaching you to read. Everyone said that you would learn at school but I wanted to make sure it was before. I didn’t learn English as a kid so I had no idea how to teach. Thanks to my friends Deb and Caroline, we used this book and in 30 days you learned to read like magic! Seeing you sit and read your books with joy gives me the greatest pleasure I’ve ever felt as a mom. I am so incredibly proud of you my son.

All products are from The Girls’ Paperie Kitch or Mix and Match lines.


5 comments to There is no greater pride and joy than watching you read books on your own

  • Jen

    Good morning Karen,

    I am curious as to which book you are referring to that helped David begin reading. I am 2 years out from my son Landen starting Kindergarten and I also am worried about teaching him how to read. Love the layout and thank you so much!


  • Sophie

    Lovely layout Karen, and congratulations to you and David on achieving such a performance as reading in such a little time. Like Jenny, I would also love to know which book you used. My son is 5 and starting primary school in September. He’ll learn to read…in French as we are currently in France. I want to teach him to read in English but am in need of a good method to help us structure things. Thanks Sophie

  • dawn

    This is so sweet Karen, I loved it when my kids learned to read. I did a layout for each of them and still do even though they are older now. It’s the best feeling in the world when that light bulb comes on for them and the get it, they can read ON THEIR OWN !! It open a whole new world for them. When my kids were in preschool we just read so many little easy word books and that’s how they slowly learned how to read. The pages would just have 3 to 5 words on it, See Jan Run, The dog has the ball. Just little things like that to get them started then on to a book with more words. Some kids get it right away others might struggle a bit. The best thing they say to do is just read together and do it daily. Good for you Karen and David.

  • I love that you can turn suck flowery papers that would normally be classed as “girly” for a boy layout and have it look so natural! great layout!

  • oops, that should say “such”

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