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the knife of never letting go

The Knife of Never Letting Go is yet another young adult novel that came highly recommended. And I liked it almost immediately. The premise is a bit violent and so is the book. But there was something about it that pulled me in.

I think it was the narration and the main character. Even though I have the sequels, I haven’t read them yet so I can’t tell you if they are as good. And while I liked this book, it wasn’t the best I read this year. But it was a solid read.

If violence or strong language are not an issue for you, you might like this book. The premise and the story are quite interesting and worthwhile.

2 comments to A Book a Week – the knife of never letting go

  • mel

    Hi Karen

    Love you weekly book report and I have taken up a couple of your recomendations. Since you brought it up I was just wonderering if you would do a top three books of the year post.

    Thanks as always.


  • The 2nd book goes in a totally different way than I expected, but that was good…it wasn’t just a repeat. I haven’t read the third one yet.

    Have you read his book Monster Calls? You should try it, it is SO good!

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