Scrapbooking – Looking Back

2012 wasn’t an excellent scrapping year, especially when compared to 2010 and 2011. But I still managed to create quite a few layouts between my work for My Mind’s Eye and Maya Road. I love both companies and their products so I feel privileged to get to design for them.

Of the layouts I made in 2012, here are a few of my favorites:

As I look toward 2013, I am not sure how I feel about scrapbooking. I still love telling stories, capturing my family’s moments, and playing with the supplies. I do get a lot of joy doing the Savor Project which is sort of like mini-scrapping. I plan to continue that, albeit in a slightly different format, and I will likely continue to do some more traditional scrapbook pages, too. Fewer, likely.

Maybe I can combine it with The Savor Project…

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  • dawn

    I love that you squeezed in scrapbooking with all your other projects. Your style still feels like what I want. Hope you will continue to do some scrapping in 2013. I’ve noticed the more years I do PL the less I scrapbook. My word and goal for next year is STORY, getting them told and going back to scrapping. Not just the kids but also for my stories, so excited about this and reminds me of when I met you thru your classes. My plan is to go back to those classes and start from fresh. So thankful you have brought so many things into my life just from taking your class.

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