The Savor Project – Looking Back

The Savor Project was my version of Project Life. I had an old Project 365 set left over from 2009 and decided it would be fun to do mini scrapbook pages and use it to tell our stories. I figured it would allow me to savor each of my moments that much more.

And it totally did.

As I look back on the project, here’s what I loved:

  • Doing the mini-scrappy pages instead of full-pocket photos
  • Telling the stories and not worrying about having enough or too much one week
  • Not using any dates anywhere
  • Including photos of my art
  • Not worrying about all the details, and just focusing on telling the stories
  • Getting to add ephemera

And here’s what I didn’t like so much:

  • The 12×24 layout is really hard to photograph for my lens
  • I really disliked having more than one album for the year and how bulky it got

So as I plan 2013, I know I want to continue this project because there was so much I did love about it and it feeds my scrappy soul without the larger commitment. To make up for the parts I didn’t like, I have some other plans. I don’t know if they will work but the only way I’ll know is by experimenting so here we go.

We’ll see if it works!

3 comments to The Savor Project – Looking Back

  • Ileana

    Congratulations, Karen, in another successful and inspiring project!
    I love your work and the way you share your processes.
    I am doing Project Life and I love that it is a scrappy memoir of everyday life without the scrappy parafernalia.
    However, I don’t like it turns out (for me) two bulky albums per year. So, if you may, I would love to hear your ideas for next year in this matter.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Jan

    Karen I have loved your journey with The Savor Project. I have loved the that you included the weekly photo of your family and the inspiring art. I have been doing Project Life for the first time this year and have loved the process. However, I am thinking of not doing it weekly as some of the objects of my photos and stories are my grandchildren and five of them have moved away. So my thinking cap is on…I will be interested in what you do in 2013. Happy New Year.

  • dawn

    Karen, I’m thrilled that you will be continuing this project!! I LOVE LOVE it soooo much. All kinds of happiness, family, art rolled into one savor/treasure album!! I think it’s nice that those are the only 2 issues with this, hopefully your new idea will make them work better for you. So loved this album and that you shared it with us. THANK YOU!!

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