SixBySix – Week 2

Before this week’s art here’s the important reminder: Please remember, this is personal and hand-made and thus imperfect. If you want perfect art, do not buy mine. Also one more reminder that these are pretty small. 5.5inches by 5.5inches. That’s about 14×14 centimeters). You will just get the original piece of watercolor paper with my art and signature in the back. No mounting, no frame. I don’t want to misrepresent anything. I will put a paypal button under each (you can pay with credit card or paypal.) the button doesn’t update so you will have to click through to see if it’s sold out. I will try to update them as quickly as I can and remove the button if it’s gone, but just in case. Each piece will be $35. That’s US dollars. If you have questions please leave a comment and I will reply as fast as I can.

With that here’s this week’s art:

it reads: take time to capture the good moments of your life so you can live them again and again.

sold thank you

SixBySix is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal other details here.

2 comments to SixBySix – Week 2

  • dawn

    How wonderful this one is, LOVE LOVE the sentiments and the colors are so pretty!! Great job!

  • I bought this one from you forever ago, and have kept it safe and sound all these months with the intent to put it into my new craft area when it was finally done. And it is! I framed it, and it’s going to be absolutely perfect!

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