David’s Gratitude Postcards – Intro and Week 1

I explained in this post how David and I decided to create Gratitude PostCards for 2013 as our project. We plan to mostly use stencils for him but also anything he wants. The cards are addressed to people he is grateful for and specific reasons why. I love this project cause it involves art, thinking, gratitude, and writing. Not to mention bringing joy to others. Unlike mine, I will post both the front covers and the back without the name/address.

with that, here’s his first card:

and the back:

there we go. Here’s to gratitude in 2013!

6 comments to David’s Gratitude Postcards – Intro and Week 1

  • Karen,
    I cannot even begin to tell you how much this project speaks to me. My Mom always had us write thank you notes and I do the same with our kids. Victoria loves to draw so much and we have tons of her artwork everywhere. But to combine thankful thoughts and art at the same time to share with loved ones, now that’s a wonderful project.

    Great job David, I look forward to seeing more of your nice art and sweet notes!

  • Cheryl


    I was very impressed with the artwork on your card. This is a fabulous project that you have undertaken. I look forward to seeing your cards posted here.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Vicki

    What a wonderful project– thanks for sharing!

  • dawn

    I agree with Monica above,this is so awesome for you to take the time to do this with David. It’s so inspring and shows how wonderful as a mom you are and what your teaching the kids. LOVE IT!!

    David, you did an awesome job on this first card, the person your sharing this with will be so happy and honored you thought of them. I don’t even think my card could look this great. Keep up the good work, your talented like your MOM!! Be proud and pass this good deed on to your little brother! HUGS!

  • What a beautiful idea. Impressive too that your son has caught on to the concept of Square root.

  • Carolyn HP

    I love this idea and this first card is so beautiful. Handwritten personal messages are so special as not as many people remember to write anymore. Love this and it’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing your projects and happy 2013!

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