The Savor Project 2013 – Week 2

and here’s this week:

I talk about Nathaniel goofing around, playing Blokus with the kids, going to the Palo Alto Jr. Museum, origami yoda, and being published in the art journaling magazine.

I have to admit I am loving the 8.5×11 size and single page format. love love love. I still haven’t found a way to fit my art but still thinking on it.

See you next week!

The Savor Project is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

4 comments to The Savor Project 2013 – Week 2

  • Marina D-K

    I’m also moving to one page layouts this year. With Multi-photo templates, etc it will be so much easier and I’m hoping to keep things limited to one album.

  • dawn

    LOVE LOVE THIS TOO KAREN, YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB WITH THESE ONE PAGERS!!! So happy you are enjoying it!! Great colors on this one!

    Since you have one pocket with an art photo from the magazine maybe you could pick just one favorite art piece and share it. Of course I love seeing them all but at least it’s something and will be fun to pick just one. Hope this helps a little.

    Thanks for the inspiration again, my 2nd week came out great too.

  • Cheryl

    The one page protectors might work for two…back to back. I love this format you’re using.

    I was able to pick up the art journaling magazine though it had to be ordered. Apparently, it sells out in Montreal quite rapidly!!! You are such an inspiration!

  • I love how you add some extra little touches to your journaling cards to make them even cuter!

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