The Savor Project 2013 – Week 3

and here’s this week:

I talk about our celebration cupcakes, some activities we’ve done including the birthday, punching, and going to home depot and then two movies we saw.

I am still loving the 8.5×11 size and single page format. love love love. Yet, I still haven’t found a way to fit my art but still thinking on it.

See you next week!

The Savor Project is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

4 comments to The Savor Project 2013 – Week 3

  • dawn

    I couldn’t wait to see your page today!! LOVE LOVE IT!! You are so good at fitting in so much with just one page. Happy times this week it looks like. How fun to celebrate with cupcakes, my kids would do this everyday.

    My pages were hard to do this week, still not use to cropping so many things and esp. some pictures and matching it all up. I’m so use to the regular PL form so this will take patience and time to get use to. I already started week 4 and it’s going better so far.

    So glad you like this smaller size and it’s working out so well.

  • I really like this format you’re using, Karen! I also watched the Lorax this week for the first time. 🙂

  • I have used the 8.5×11, 9-pocket page for my 2012 Project Life album [and now 2013]. It is the perfect size for me and for this project. I love the size format, too.

    • karenika

      oh so glad to know it worked for you for a whole year! I wasn’t sure at first but now I am so glad cause it’s perfect for me and absolutely the right direction! 🙂

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