The Savor Project 2013 – Week 4

and here’s this week:

I talk about our the boys playing and studying. Then going exploring and building time machines while with grandparents and finally about David being star of the week.

This week I added an extra insert which has David’s art on one side. (it has my coaching course completion diploma thing in the back)

See you next week!

The Savor Project is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

1 comment to The Savor Project 2013 – Week 4

  • dawn

    I LOOOOOVE this one so much, think it might be my favorit!! The colors are so pretty and the stitching is perfect, can’t wait to add that to my pages. Tell David his artwork is so COOL!!

    Would it be possible for you to share a process post on one of your Savor Project page, like from start to end. Just curious how you do yours and LOVE seeing process of everything.

    Thanks so much for sharing, truly love this project. I’m adding some fun to mine this week, TAGS!!

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