Kindly Present and Taking Action

When I first listened to this month’s One Little Word prompt, I had no ideas. This month’s assignment is to take one action. I’m the kind of person who takes action all the time. There was no one specific action for March that came to mind.

A little while later, I got an idea. And then I got like a ton more. So I wanted to share with you my process in an effort to maybe inspire some of you and also to hold myself accountable. And to help me track.

So the first action idea I had was to book a pedicure appointment each month. I don’t really like getting a manicure cause my hands are full of paint most of the time so I feel like it’s a waste. But a pedicure feels nice and would make my feet softer. So it’s a great way to be kind to myself.

I called the salon and made an appointment for this weekend and also told her I want to do a recurring appointment.

Once that was done, I thought about the post I wrote last week on kindness.Being kind to myself. And I decided I wanted to take this idea of taking action one step further. I wanted to do something to be kind to myself every single day in March. (The bonus is that March is not one of my favorite months so this makes March more fun for me.)

I did a little research online and came up with 31 things. They are not in order and I might not do some, and do others that aren’t on the list. I might do two one day and none on the next. I might repeat some. But I will aim to do at least one each day in March.

Here’s my list. I am so open to suggestions and other ideas:

1. do loving kindness meditation
2. get a pedicure
3. go sit at coffeeshop with book
4. take a bath
5. give myself a hug
6. go out with a friend
7. sleep in
8. take a nap
9. journal for an hour
10. say no to one thing i don’t want to do
11. practice doodling for 1 hour
12. practice alphas for 1 hour
13. pick five things to celebrate from this week
14. apologize from someone
15. call a good friend
16. help someone else
17. read/watch/share something uplifting or funny
18. clean up a pile that’s nagging me
19. get blood tests done
20. dress up
21. put on lotion
22. paint my fingernails
23. write down a list of what i want/dream of, everything
24. take a walk in the sunshine
25. have friends over – done
26. buy something for someone else – done
27. do something in nature as family – done
28. ask for feedback/testimonials
29. write a worry list and bury it
30. forgive myself for something I do that day
31. buy flowers for myself

Let’s see how it goes. I’ll touch base at the end of the Month and let you know how I did. If you’re up for joining me along for March, I’d love that!

Here’s to a March full of self-kindness!

8 comments to Kindly Present and Taking Action

  • What a great idea – I think we often make these sorts of lists for scrapbooking or things to do for other people – but I love the idea of doing it for oneself.

  • Ruth

    What a wonderful idea, I am going to join you make myself a list of ten things to do in self-kindness during march, it is just so easy to always make oneself the last priority. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan

    This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. Now off to make my list.

  • Cheryl

    Count me in. The list is running through my head…hope I remember when I actually have pen and paper at hand.

  • dawn

    LOVE LOVE THIS KAREN!! You do need to take care of yourself and be kind, such a generous heart and soul you have my friend.

    I wasn’t sure what to do with the OLW prompt this month, but this sounds perfect. I will make a list and get back to you.

    This is such a good idea, please think about sharing it in the OLW message board, I bet other ladies would LOVE this idea too and Ali will think it’s GREAT!!

    Good luck and enjoy TAKING CARE AND BEING KINDER TO YOU!!

  • I loved this list and it was so great to get to talk to you today on the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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