Gratitude Journal – Week 28

Here’s this week’s gratitudes and celebrations:


it says: capture the magic of everyday moments.

and here’s what the page looks like with all the gratitudes and celebrations:

Just another excuse to create art and remember the present that is my life.

Gratitude Journal is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal other details here.

1 comment to Gratitude Journal – Week 28

  • dawn

    Hi Karen,
    LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! The colors and the design, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!

    How sweet your savor project was last week, I’m a little late to your blog. LOVE the pictures from your trips side by side like that, love the ones with you in it and family. HAPPINESS!!

    Great birthday party, so fun to see what they did. Swimming pictures, YIPPEE!!
    Pretty postcard too.
    Thanks for making me smile this Monday morning!!

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