Nourish Me – 16

Here are some thoughts per category:


  • I read: I’ve been reading a tremendous amount this year. I’ve read 87 books already. What I need here is actually to slow down. I need to be more selective about my reading. Books that don’t speak to me have to be abandoned more easily. I am totally done reading books about conniving women/girls. I am done reading about cruel main characters. I am done reading about things that don’t feed my soul. 
  • I learned: I’ve done a lot of non-fiction reading this year so far which I’m enjoying quite a bit. I’ve reduced the mindless internet reading. But I also seem to have lost some of my patience along the way. I’d like to restore some of that by slowing down. I also still want to take a class. I haven’t taken the step here that I’d like. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s one of those things that you have to just start. So maybe I will schedule 30 mins a week to do this. 
  • I watched: I’ve watched so so little TV this year. This is because I am spending all my time reading or working. This is ok with me. However, I think I’d like to watch more TED talks, more lessons, etc. so maybe I will schedule 30 mins a week to do this, too. 


  • Exercise: I’ve pretty much stopped exercising. At all. There’s no story here. Yes, my knees are hurting. Yes, I’m tired. But really none of those are excuses that make any sense. I just stopped and I need to start. Now that the weather is good again, I think I will start by taking walks.
  • Food: Food’s been a mess too. I still crave and love the fresh food. I still also crave and love desserts, chocolate, coffee. I miss eating healthier. I will start with lunch. And water. 
  • All the others: I am paying attention to my skin, flossing and what needs to be done most of the time. I think if I can get the other two right, I will feel so much better. This stuff is simple but not easy. For me.


  • I rested: I need a lot more rest. I am not sure what it is but I feel exhausted all the time. I don’t want to keep drinking coffee to feel more awake. I want to work from bed more when I have stuff to do but no place to be. I will be more diligent about going to sleep on time. I might have to experiment with cutting out the coffee (or even tea, gasp!) to see how tired my body really is.
  • I connected: I want to be more mindful with my connecting. I would like to take the time to get to know a few parents in David’s class, and a few in Nathaniel’s class. I want to connect with a few friends from work. And a few friends online.  And that’s it for now. 
  • I journaled: This is definitely falling by the wayside. I need, want, desire to journal more. Journaling is how i connect to my soul, my thoughts, my heart. I need more of it in my life. I need to quit obsessing about the reading, and journal more. 
  • I made art: Art is also good for my soul. It’s something that makes me happy. I used to have a discipline of art and lately I’m either not doing it or just getting it done. I want neither. I want to go back to having the discipline of it. I need to think about what this means for me a bit more.

Here are some of my thoughts. My body and soul need this so much and I want to start with my body. What I put into it, how I move it and how I rest it. It’s how I get the strength to do all the other bits. 

Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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