Living Intentionally 2017 – 28

Weekly Intention: Here we go, we went on vacation and we’re back and now I can settle into the summer. We have seven weeks left before school starts and five-six weeks before thinking about school and buying things will have to start. that’s not really enough time to get any routine going but it’s enough time for me to take advantage of the flexible schedule to see if I can introduce a few new things into my life that I can bake into a routine next school year. For this week, my intentions are a bit audacious possibly. But I also know that I am not one of those start with small steps and increase kind of gal. I like to go all in. So this week’s intention is to just jump in. All in on work, all in on exercise, all in on food, all in on journaling and reserving time for myself each day, all in with helping the kids with their work. Neither of the kids have camp this week (they start next week) so my goal is to make sure there’s no flopping on the couch. 

Things I want to get Done: Here’s the list for his week.

  • Work: catch up to email.
  • Work: document (unplanned, wrong).
  • Work: setup all the new meetings. 
  • Work: setup all q3/h2 sheets.
  • Work: send off q2 closing emails.
  • Work: do phase two of data collection
  • Work: do posters.
  • Personal: do OLW july.
  • Personal: 4 trips to exercise this week. I can do this.
  • Personal: continue eating clean.
  • Personal: schedule Physical Therapy
  • Personal: check in for taxes
  • Family: work with david and take him to exam Saturday.

This month’s intention is:  July: Shine Boldly: This builds on June a bit but it’s time to take things up a notch. Be bold. Be brave. Be loud. Shine with all your might. Hmm. I can come up with some ideas on this but none are coming to me at the moment.

Ways to Shine this week:

  • One: Bold: Bold with exercise this week, I can do this.
  • Two: Open: Open to the possibility that I can change how I eat. 
  • Three: Heal/Nourish: Healing through journaling this week. 

I am looking forward to: jumping in. here’s to hoping it works.

This week’s challenges: two client meetings. two trips to work. getting back on track on everything. but the hardest part of this week will be coming through on my exercise and food goals. let’s see if i can make it happen.

Top Goals:

  • Work: meetings+sheets.
  • Personal: exercise+food+journaling.
  • Family: math with each kid.

I will focus on my core desires (bold, mindful, nourish, love) by: remembering that i am really strong. inside and out.

This week, I will say yes to: having faith in myself. showing up and trusting the universe. 

This week, I will say no to: getting stuck on things and letting hurdles trip me up.

I am worried that:  i won’t exercise. i’ll stop eating well. i will continue to be behind at work. i won’t be ready for the new cycle. all the work i did won’t matter. i won’t make time for me. i will be in so much pain  in my knees. 

This week, I want to remember:  that i have the power to be the best version of myself!

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