Living Wild – 01

Weekly Intention: This is my first week back at work in a long, long time. I’d love to say I am ready and excited to be back at work, but truthfully I am not at all. I need more time off. I am really enjoying days full of relaxation, climbing, yoga and time with my family. I’d rather stay in this place for a few more weeks. But alas, real life is coming back whether I like it or not. So my intention this week is to stay as calm and grounded as possible. To create space and expansion and cultivate calm in my moments.

This month’s intention is:  Into the Wild: Start small. Make a plan for the steps you want to take and give yourself a lot of grace. Take a handful of steps. You got this. Ok I got this. My plan with this is to pick a small number of things. Walk 20 mins uphill as many days as possible, go climbing 2-3 times a week, do yoga. Breathe more. Do my PT.

One way I will show up this week:  I’d like to be open and listen more this week. Can I do it?

I will go into the wild: Hmmm. I’m going to mark 3-4 meetings this week that I can do as walking meetings. I will take one drive to the little lake by Palo Alto. And I will plan a hike for Jake and me this weekend.

This week, I will pay attention to: How I am feeling. Especially as I get anxious at work, I want to be tuned into how I actually am feeling so I can feel my feelings and see I can pay attention to what’s going on.

One new thing I will begin this week: I am going to do one day a week of cardio starting this week. I am not putting a time limit yet. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, it counts. Oh and I will try to see if I can move my desk to be a standing desk for some portion of the day.

One magic I will create: Hmmm… I am going to see if I can make my desk at work a bit more of a place for me to enjoy. I will bring some items to put on my desk. And maybe even buy a plant.

One thing I hope to release: I really would love to release the anxiety around being at work this week. I am going to actively work on it.

One thing I will join in on: I think I will see if I can find a hiking club nearby that I can join.

One area I will practice being open: I will practice being open at work. Listening better, being more curious, triggering less often.

I am looking forward to: Getting into some sort of routine. I am not thrilled about going back to real life but I do love routine.

This week’s challenges: Just going back to work and getting up at 6am again will be challenging.

  • Top Goals:
    • Work:  just get back into the groove of things. clean email. maybe write up nbu?
    • Personal: figure out a routine that works for me.
    • Family: make a plan with David and spend time working with Nathaniel.

I will focus on my values (love, learn, peace, service, gratitude): I will choose to learn over reacting, i will choose to love my life and make peace with what I can’t control. I will do service to my body by moving it often and well and I will keep track of all the moments of gratitude in my life.

This week, I want to remember: that life is magical and i am always learning and growing and looking forward to new possibilities.

Living Wild is a year-long project for 2019. You can read more about my projects for 2020 here.

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