Daily Year of Yes

Year of Yes – 4

Tonight is our last night of “vacation.” Kids “go” back to school tomorrow and I am still deciding whether I will work this week and how much. But even if I decide to sit out most of the week, the email barrage will definitely start as others go back to work.

I find myself alternating between feeling excited to get started with this year already and feeling not ready. I am still tired emotionally and still hurting physically. I could use another month of just lying around and reading and numbing.

But I also know that sometimes the best way to get to that next phase is to start. Sitting on the couch, I might never feel ready.

So bring on the routine. I miss journaling and have so much in my head that it might take me pages to get it all out. I miss drawing. I miss having a plan.

I can’t go out and do things just yet but I can bring back some structure into my life and my plan tomorrow is to say yes to routine, even if I don’t feel ready.

And the plan for tonight is yes to a few more hours of relaxing and then getting a solid night of rest.


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