Daily Year of Yes

Year of Yes – 5

I couldn’t decide if I was planning to work this week or not so I blocked off my calendar before we all disappeared in December. I didn’t know it then but it might be the smartest decision I made in 2020.

This morning I decided that I would go back to work slowly. I have a daily meeting with my manager and I decided I would attend that and pretty much nothing else. So today, instead of my usual 10 hours of meetings, I had 2 hours of meetings. It meant that I could:

– stay on top of my incoming mail
– send some emails to do work
– eat lunch
– plan some of the work that is coming
– exercise
– stay calm and spacious all day

It was the most incredible start to the year. And I plan for it to be this way all week!

I might have to make a tradition of this every year. In fact, maybe I will do a week like this every 6 weeks or so to cleanse and catch up.

Yes to ramping up slowly. Yes to creating more space. Yes yes yes.


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