Say Yes – 1

  • Weekly Intention: Since this is my first “real” week back to work, my intention this week is to try to make sure I can maintain a bit of the quiet and peace I still have in my head. And maybe to try and turn off the non-stop CNN.
  • This month’s intention is: January: Yes to Baby Steps: Start small. Make a plan for the steps you want to take and give yourself a lot of grace. Take a handful of steps. You got this. I like this. I’ve been thinking about this in the context of self-care. How can I take some baby steps? Last week, it was the smoothies, what can I do this week?
  • One way I will leap this week: I have a conversation scheduled today, depending on the outcome of that, I might be leaping. So i guess one way I’ll leap this week is showing up to that conversation.
  • One boundary I will set this week:  I will not work at night. I plan to do more walks, take more wind-down time.
  • One area where I will go deeper this week: I am still thinking about what I plan to do for my 100-day project this year. So I will spend some time on that this week.
  • What do I need to sit with this week? I need to journal this week. I can tell that my head is full and yet I seem to be resisting it for reasons unknown.
  • I am looking forward to: having a long weekend this coming weekend.
  • Focus on Core Desired Feelings (lighter, kinder, enough, magic, wild): I think if I start journaling I will feel lighter. If I turn off CNN, I will be kinder. I want to remember that I have enough money saved to buy some of the necessities I have. The magic of this week will be potentially setting up ethernet. And I am hoping that I will climb in the wild some time this week!
  • This week’s challenges: I have some challenging conversations to have at work and some choices I need to make.
  • Top Goals: 
    • Work:  talk to L, make a decision on presentation, prep for presentation
    • Personal:  I want to start journaling this week. That’s my top goal.
    • Family: Support the kids as they start their first real week.
  • This week, I want to remember: That it’s all going to be ok. Nothing matters as much as I make it matter. And things will work out.

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