Daily Year of Yes

Year of Yes – 53

It’s no meeting week at work today. On a usual day, I start at 8-9am and have meetings straight through to 5-6pm. On a good day, I get 30 minutes for lunch and maybe another 30 mins at some point.

So having no meetings is not a small change for me. It fundamentally shifts how I approach my work and what I can get done.

Today I was able to get up, exercise, journal and draw, make a healthy breakfast and read and reply to each mail fully. I was able to read all the links, documents and presentations. I was able to have impromptu conversations to resolve issues. I was able to write intelligent and thoughtful replies.

It felt both productive and calm and rewarding. While it’s not a realistic way for every week to look, I do think having a day or two without meetings semi-regularly seems to be a very good idea.

More generally, changing up routine and taking a step back is the best way to see inefficiency in the system or even have enough distance from it to see what modification might be helpful. I’m grateful to get this chance to do that for work.

Yes to revisiting assumptions and routines.

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