Daily Diary – June 10 2010

Today was David’s last day at pre-school. He’s now officially on summer break. And then in September, he starts kindergarten. How quickly time passess…

I grabbed a bunch of photos with his teacher (one of them, his favorite) but I didn’t want to show a face-shot in case he doesn’t want his photo all over the net.

And here’s a shot with several of his closest friends. I blurred all the faces but, honestly, i think the photo still shows how funny and sweet they were all being.

Then I snapped one more of David on his way out. We’ve been going to this preschool since he was 2.5, we’ve got quite a few memories here.

Nathaniel’s still sick and he’s very very cranky. He didn’t take a morning nap and spent 35 minute crying after he woke up from his afternoon nap. Just lay on the floor here and cried. Neither of us could stop him. But earlier in the day, when we came back from school, he walked around for a while and just randomly gave David a hug. I couldn’t believe my eyes and grabbed the camera. David was totally shocked too..

He kept walking around and then coming back to give him a hug.

Again and again.

It made me cry to see how much he loves his brother and that he learned to hug!

And of course David hugged him back, too.

I know they are bad shots but it was hard to catch it especially since I was busy being so emotional.

It was a good day in that I decided to take the day off and I finished my work for BPS and AMM and now it’s just doing catalysts and sewing and painting etc for the rest of the month. It was relaxing not to have to juggle work and the kids. But it was a rough day cause nathaniel was so sad and so frustrated that it broke my heart.

Note to Self:
I realized today that I’ve done 41 layouts since the beginning of May. And 84 layouts since the beginning of this year, plus the week in the life mini and the week in the life digital project. Plus my project for the upcoming BPS class. That’s a lot of scrapping in half a year. I still don’t really feel burned out. But I do want to do some of the other projects I’ve been wanting to do. So besides working on the catalysts, I’m hoping to take a little break. Do some sewing, knitting, crocheting, drawing, and painting. I am so thankful that I have so many creative outlets I’m interested in so that when I take a break from something, I can still be doing something else creative. Yey.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful for a day off work. It’s nice to be able to focus on just personal projects and my boys.
2. I am grateful for David’s preschool. It was a great place for David to go for three years. He made good friends and had great teachers. He loves school and they are to thank for that.
3. I am grateful to have done some sewing today for a fun little project for David. I suck at sewing but it makes me happy.

Two Things David’s Grateful For:
1. mommy and daddy.
2. playing with moon sand.

6 comments to Daily Diary – June 10 2010

  • Kim

    All that scrapping is a big accomplishment. And you may think that those aren’t great photos of the boys but I do – they really show what is going on. Lots of love in that house! I am feeling a little more up, thanks for asking. It’s a strange kind of happy – not what, before three months ago, I would have called happy. I think it’s all part of the aging process and the letting go of certain things. I am coming more and more into a state of acceptance, but not resignation. Just acceptance that things are what they are every minute and I try to not transpose my emotions into the future. It’s hard to put into words but basically, thanks for taking the time to care.

    • karenika

      i think acceptance is actually one of those grown-up things to do. Not resignation (like u said) but accepting life. choices. etc. i do think of you so often. many many hugs.

  • Ginny

    Hope your little guy is feeling better and has a less fussy day! My one-year-old has been fussy all week, too. He is cutting his molars.

    Love the photos of the hugs with your boys. There is something so precious about the love between brothers. I only had sisters, so it is fun to see the interactions between my sons–not always loving, but fun just the same. It is nice to be blessed with those special moments in the midst of a more difficult day.

    • karenika

      same here. i only have a sister so it’s nice to see the boys. i know as they grow up, it won’t always be so loving so i am trying to cherish these moments. thank you for your kind words and I hope your little one is feeling better!

  • Bad photos, you’re kidding. I think they are great. Such great memories for the future. It’s great to see how well your boys get along. I have got 4 boys and they do a lot of fighting but there are some special hugging moments too. I should try to get them on picture.

    • karenika

      yes those precious good moments is what helps you hold on through the bad ones if you ask me! 4 though! wow, i could never handle that. too scared. you amaze me.

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