June Projects – Fingerless Gloves

Here is the tutorial to these. I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time.

The thumb was quite a challenge and I can’t say it turned out so well but here we are:

6 comments to June Projects – Fingerless Gloves

  • Cheryl

    This would so help keep my hands warm while I need finger access to type. What about leg warmers? Have you found a pattern? Thing is, my hands are so bad I don’t know if I can still knit. Going to try.

  • Jan

    I am going to make these.I have a pair of slippers for a niece i must finish first. then these
    will be next. My hands always get so cold in the winter, these will be perfect and the pattern an easy one. Thanks for the hook up.

  • Jan

    I tried knitting, but it wasnt for me. I have a good friend that does and she keeps me in the fingerless gloves all winter-love them!! 🙂 Your glove looks great!

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