December Daily – 14

The next page was Nathaniel’s tag. I love this photo of him!

I love that he says he is into programming.

And finally for day 15, I put photos of all our new ornaments for this year. I love this new batch a lot!

December Daily – 12

Day 12 is telling a story that actually happened last Friday but I haven’t managed to tell it yet. This is about my visit to Nathaniel’s class during Choice time to do some crafts together.  

I added the photo of the kids working on it and then the sample Nathaniel and I made together.


December Daily – 11

Day 11 is about work David and I are doing together. We are on week 8 of a Calculus class, both of us learning together. The last time I did Calculus was in high school so it’s been a while. The teacher is pretty awesome and funny so we’re enjoying it.

On the right side, I put a piece of paper where we’re solving a problem or two. [Using the chain rule!]

Love these stars. 

December Daily – 10

Day 10 has two stories: on the left it’s about Turkish tea I had in this cafe in Mountain View that I randomly stumbled into without knowing they were Turkish.

On the right it is about flowers. This year has been such a flower year that I couldn’t not have one in the book.


The pages are relatively simple but this book is not about the artsiness for me, it’s about all the stories. 


December Daily – 9

Day 9 is about Nathaniel and I doing some coding and math together. I took a screenshot of the Python class we’ve been taking, and added some journaling to it.  

On the right side, I put a piece of paper where Nathaniel solved a math puzzle that his grandfather gave him. 

Here he is, solving it. 

I accidentally ripped some of the photo which is why I added a slew of stickers here.

I am sorry for the terrible lighting in the photos. If I can do it again, I will. Love love love this project.

December Daily – 8

Day 8 is about exercise. If you’ve been reading here, you know I had to capture this story 🙂

I loved journaling on this 3×8 page. Fun to have some different sizes.

December Daily – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Hello!! I know I am really behind in my posting of my December Daily. I’ve actually been working on it daily but not able to post because by the time I do it, it’s dark and I can’t take photos, and then I leave for work early in the morning in the dark. Today I finally got some, but they are still pretty low quality because it was almost dark. They will have to do for now.

Day 3 is about David going climbing. He’s been climbing like a fiend lately and I love love love it and it’s something I wanted to make sure to capture.

Day 4 follows on the sports theme and has both of the kids at the batting cages. Another story i love love love.

The next page is a tag I downloaded from Ali, it has Jake. I have 4 of these in the album, one for each of us. 

The back has the answers to the questions Ali has on her cards. 

Day 5 is the tag above and the back has a story about the Friday letters Nathaniel brings home. I wrote about these a few weeks ago. I love them so. I am grateful to get to have one in the December Daily!

Day 6’s story is about the Lit Club I teach at the kids’ school. The top card opens up.

Inside is a long photo which is stitched together with photos I took during lit club. We’re reading Inherit the Wind at the moment.

I love it.

Day 7 has two stories: one is about my journaling at work and capturing my ordinary, crazy days at work right now. The second story is about my friend Leslie and I and how we’ve been meeting weekly for a few months now and how much it means to me.

And here we are. Mostly caught up. Day 8 tomorrow when I finish the journaling 🙂

December Daily – 2

Today’s story is a simple but fun one. Nathaniel was invited to a sleepover birthday party so I decided it would be a perfect story for today. I added a photo of all the boys on top (a phone photo the mom sent me.) 

And then when you open the flap, there are two more photos from the birthday inside.

That’s it for today, sweet and simple.


December Daily – 1

And here we are. The most magical time of year. I got back from Sydney yesterday so my goal was to make sure I wouldn’t have any trouble jumpstarting my December Daily. This cover page below just showed up in the mail today so I haven’t added extra bits to it yet but I still love having it right there in the beginning. 

I also love starting with our family photo because it’s my favorite thing we do all year. “And so it begins” has been my starting phrase for years.

I really enjoyed writing my reason why this year. this is my favorite project all year and i love love love how much it helps me appreciate the holiday season.

The next page is a 4×6 photo I took in the Sydney office. 12/1 was my last day there so it says “bye Sydney.”


The back is a photo I took in the cafe and a tag from my awesome hotel.

Then is the real page that was in the album. I wrote some journaling about my trip and added four more of my favorite photos from there.

And that’s it for the beginning. Love love love December.