A Book a Week – Abundance

I read Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think for book club. It’s not a book I would have chosen by myself because it’s nonfiction and it’s not a topic I am really interested in. And as with most non-fiction books, I found this, too, to be too long when it could have been written like a long short story.

The point he makes in the book is interesting and I don’t disagree with him but I don’t think he showed enough data and most of what he talks about is anecdotal in my opinion. Nonetheless, if you’re one of those “the future is doomed” people, this might be interesting to read for another perspective. I think these topics are never so simple that we can think black or white but having a range of thoughts is always important.

A Book a Week – The Martian

I read The Martian because it was on the top of the list for 2014. I read it all the way back in January and it was one of the best books I read. The audiobook was fantastic. I promptly recommended it to both Jake and David (both of whom loved it, too.)

I then recommended it to everyone I know.

At this point, the book is super famous thanks in part to the movie, of course. (Which is also wonderful.) This is more of a science book as opposed to science fiction. But it’s also funny. It reads easily and quickly. One of my favorites from the year.

Highly recommended.

A Book a Week – Norwegian by Night

I read Norwegian by Night for book club. It was a relatively quick read and an unusual book. I haven’t read that many books that take place in Norway and even though there wasn’t a lot about Norway in the book, it was still interesting to have some.

There are so many layers to this book. It’s about friendship, marriage, war, family and more. It’s not a book I would have ever picked up on my own. I don’t regret having read it but I also wouldn’t just openly recommend it unless you think the story is appealing to you.

But I’m still glad I read it.

A Book a Week – Unspoken

I read Unspoken because a friend recommended it and it sounded interesting. However, I read it almost a year ago and now that I am sitting down to write about it, I can’t remember much of anything. I feel like that’s significant right there. I remember it being okay enough to go through but not so great that I wanted to read the others. I think part of the problem is that I’ve spent a bunch of time reading a lot of Young Adult books and now that I have read enough, new ones don’t impress me as much as the old ones used to. So my bar is higher.

And while this wasn’t disappointing, it also didn’t really pass the bar enough to make me read the next books in the series.

A Book a Week – everything i never told you

I read Everything I Never Told You because amazon said it was the best book of 2014 and even though I kept resisting it, I finally just gave in and bought it.

Man, am I glad I did.

This was an excellent book. A tough tough one to read but really well written and such interesting thoughts about parenting, families, siblings, and more.

A really thought provoking read and I am really glad I stopped being stubborn and finally tackled it.

A Book a Week – Big Little Lies

I read Big Little Lies after putting it off for a year. I knew it would be similar to The Husband’s Secret and it was. It would be an okay read but nothing to write home about.

When I was in Zurich last December, I felt too tired to focus so I decided it was a good time to read this book. And i finished it while I was there. It was a fast, gripping read as most of hers are.

But my life didn’t really change because I read it.

Alas I don’t really regret it either.

So this one is up to you.

A Book a Week – Doomed

Something about Doomed appealed to me the minute I saw it. I felt drawn to it. This happened a few times to me (like with Parallel) and it never disappoints. It didn’t this time either. I read it fast, liked it for a fun, fast book that i quickly forget about.

I don’t regret reading it one bit.

But there’s not much depth to this book.

A Book a Week – Leaving Time

I have no idea why I read Leaving Time . I had sworn not to ever read another Jodi Picoult. I knew she has last minute twists. I knew I rarely like them.

And this wasn’t an exception. The twist bothered me less in this one. But it was also more of a meh twist. Been there, done that.

And all those chapters on elephants were not interesting. Not even a tiny bit. I felt like they might never end.

On the whole, it was mediocre. And completely skippable in my opinion.

A Book a Week – The book of unknown americans

I read The Book of Unknown Americans because it was on amazon’s lists again and again and I felt like it was staring me down. I put it off all year and then finally in December broke down and bought it.

And I am so glad I did.

This book is wonderful. As an immigrant, i rarely ever read about immigration and thought this story wouldn’t appeal to me. But it’s about so much more than that. It’s so beautifully told. So sweet and heart wrenching.

Really recommended.

A Book a Week – station eleven

I read Station Eleven because it was on so many lists for great books of 2014. And I will say it was likely one of the most interesting books I read last year. Unlike anything else. It’s dystopian but not young adult and it talks of a terrible future but the story is told from the perspective of a traveling orchestra and theater troop. The story goes back and forth in time and weaves together.

It’s interesting, well written, and thought provoking. Gets points for being different but not at all gimmicky!

A Book a Week – this is where i leave you

I read This is Where I Leave you because I wanted to watch the movie so I had to read the book first. I hadn’t read Tropper before so I thought it was a great opportunity to start.


It was so over the top, trying so hard to be funny that it just drove me away. I felt like the characters, the story, everything about it was too comical. Too two-dimensional, trying too hard. Most of the story felt predictable to me, too. With some interesting twists.

There’s kindness in the book. Warmth. Connection.

But I still think it gets lost in his trying too hard to be funny.

And the movie: meh.

A Book a Week – the other typist

I read The Other Typist because amazon recommended it. I resisted this one for a while, too, but I found myself coming back to it again and again. It seemed to call to me.

And once I started reading it, it was really interesting. I was interested in the characters, and especially the narrator, even when it was clear she was an unreliable narrator. I still wanted to keep going.

But then there was the ending.

It felt like the author came to the end and just didn’t know what to do. So she did some really weird, unclear stuff and ended the book.

The ending is very up in the air and not clear. I read all over amazon to see if anyone got it, and there are opinions every which way. In my opinion, that’s not a success. If the ending was clear but some liked it and some hated it, that’s good. people react to it. but if it’s so unclear we’re not even sure what happened, well that’s just bad writing.