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A Book a Week – Goldfinch

I finally picked up Goldfinch after seeing it on too many lists. I decided I wanted to listen to it on audio and not read it. I am not exactly sure what prompted me to do this, especially after the really long Luminaries.

But I did.

And it was long, really really long.

It took me almost two months to really listen to the book. But I kept at it. I listened to it everywhere. In the car, at home, while I was walking, in line at Starbucks, and on and on.

In the end, I think I really liked it. I felt connected to the story but I wasn’t a fan of any of the characters in particular and even though I am not sure I will jump to read another Donna Tartt soon, I still am glad I read this one.

A Book a Week – Americanah

I read Americanah for book club. Even though it was on many best-book-of-2013 lists, I would have never picked it up on my own. IT just wouldn’t have crossed my list.

So when I listened to it, I was really glad my book club picked it.

It’s a really interesting and enjoyable read.

I learned a lot and, more than anything, just really was glad to read something so outside my own list.

This is why I love book club.

A Book a Week – Lexicon

I read Lexicon in one sitting. I had read that it would be a fast read but I had no idea how interesting, weird, and fun I would find it.

I’ve read other Max Berry books before and the pace and tone was similarly over the top but I really liked this one.

I would recommend you go read the blurb on amazon and if the subject interests you I’d recommend this one.

A Book a Week – Wild

I’ve been meaning to read Wild for a long, long time. But what finally got me to read it was the movie, of course.

I won’t see it until I read it.

So read it, it was.

I knew a lot of people liked it and I did, too. But I didn’t love it. It was interesting and I enjoyed reading all about the hiking adventures. But overall I had a hard time relating to the author and many of her choices and that did cloud my view of the book.

I am very much looking forward to the movie, of course.

A Book a Week – The Luminaries

The Luminaries was the Man Booker Prize winner for 2013 and I knew I wanted to read it.

Except that it’s really long.

Really long.

So I decided that I would listen to it instead. That’s hours and hours of listening. But I did it anyway.

And listening might not have been the best call because there are a lot of charts and visual cues is this book. And it’s a tough story to follow as is.

But it was still worth it. I liked the story, found it interesting to follow and even though I got thoroughly confused at the end, I am still glad I read it.

A Book a Week – The Desire Map

I read Desire Map many months ago and wrote about it a little here. Even though Danielle LaPorte can be hit or miss for me, I loved this book. Loved it.

I think it’s spot on and I recommend it.

A Book a Week – Me Before You

I picked up Me Before You because I knew there’s a movie coming and I refuse to see movies if I haven’t read the book first and this one was very recommended, too.

Even though I read this one really fast, I am on the fence about it. I don’t know that I loved it. I did like it. I can’t even put my finger on exactly what. If you like a nice story, this one is a good one to put on the list.

It’s definitely one of those books you can’t put down. At least I couldn’t until I was done. However it could have been shorter without losing most of its value.

A Book a Week – The Husband's Secret

I picked up The Husband’s Secret cause I kept seeing it in all the lists and so I finally succumbed. I was worried it was going to be too chick-flicky for me and I have to say that it wasn’t incredibly deep.

However, there’s a bug twist in the middle and I so totally didn’t guess it.

I am usually good at guessing these kinds of things, but I didn’t see it coming. Like not. at. all.

So that made the book good for me. It was chick flicky but it was not super-light. I think this one was interesting to read.

A Book a Week – The Maid's Version

After The Rosie Project, I picked up The Maid’s Version for something more serious. And more serious it was.

I’d never read Daniel Woodrell before even though I’d seen The Winter’s Bone in the movies. Having read this book, I am confident the movie must have been so inferior. Woodrell’s writing is nothing short of amazing. The words, the phrases, the whole thing is just excellent.

Even though the subject matter is tough and it jumps around a bit more than I’d like, this is a short book and it’s a literary joy. If you like really well-written books, this is one not to miss.

A Book a Week – The Rosie Project

I picked up The Rosie Project thinking it was going to be light and simple. As it turned out, it was super funny and lovely to read. It was also hilarious. It wasn’t deep and heavy but it was so funny that it made up for everything.

If you’re looking for a quick read one that’s really fun, I really recommend this one.

A Book a Week – The Circle

The Circle was for book club. I remember when this book first came out and I read about it, and thought I had no interest in reading it. I am not a huge social network fan but I still couldn’t muster up enough excitement or paranoia to read this one. Even if Dave Eggers wrote it.

As it turned out, it was a quick and easy read. And it was so over-the-board unrealistic, in my opinion, that I didn’t find it dystopian or scary enough. Some parts rang true and sad, of course, but overall I just thought it was a semi-interesting story that fell flat by the end. It was too overdone.

Alas, if techie stories are your thing or you’re deeply scared of what social media means for our future, this is an interesting read.

A Book a Week – Counting by 7s

I picked up Counting by 7s because someone in my book club recommended it. They said it was a great book like Wonder. So I decided it would be fun to read it and then pass it on to David.

And, great it was.

I will say that, in my opinion, I don’t think it was as wonderful as Wonder. But it was a completely different book so it’s not fair to compare. Nonetheless, it really was a great story, beautifully told, and a really wonderful read. If you have middle-school kids and/or like to read stories that might be for younger kids, this one is recommended.

I am glad I read it.