A Book a Week – we are all completely besides ourselves

I read We are all Completely Besides Ourselves because it was long listed for the Man Booker and I’d already shelved it to be read. And I really wanted to like this one. It was a different story, had an interesting surprise element and felt like it would be good.

But I didn’t love it.

The twist here, too, felt a bit gimmicky to me. The books is so much more than its gimmick that she could have just started with it and I feel like it would have made the book so much better because you wouldn’t be hung up on the gimmicky part.

Maybe I just don’t like any weird twists in books :)

A Book a Week – the testing series

I read The Testing Series just for fun when I was on vacation. I read all of them in a row and was interested the whole time. It was, of course, similar to other novels I read but I still found it interesting and fun. I can’t remember much of it now, which speaks to how durable the story is but I didn’t feel like it was a waste of time, at the time.

It’s sort of sad when that’s the best I can say about a book. But don’t let me deter you if this is your type of book. Clearly I liked it well enough to read all three.

A Book a Week – The apple orchard

I read When I Found You because amazon recommended it and I’d read Pay it Forward many years ago and loved it.

This story, too, was very endearing. Depressing and outright sad at times but also wonderful at other times. I like how her characters feel real to me. I won’t read another one soon but I did like this one.

A Book a Week – slated series

I read Slated Trilogy in one sitting. I can’t remember if Evelyn recommended it or I just randomly picked it up. I can’t even remember that much about it but I remember that I liked it.

it was like other stories i read and there wasn’t anything that stood out exceptionally. but it didn’t feel terrible or badly written. at least at the time.

so if you want a fun, quick young adult read. this isn’t bad.

A Book a Week – the unwinding

I read Unwinding for book club. It’s nonfiction and a book I would have never ever picked up on my own. Ever.

But it was interesting. Too long, but interesting in parts. I feel that, like most nonfiction, it could have been 50% less writing, and I would have found it more interesting, more readable, and more worth my time.

If you’re a fan of nonfiction and history, this is one for you.

A Book a Week – sweet tooth

I read Sweet Tooth after letting it sit for a long time. I am a big Ian McEwan fan and I wanted to read it as soon as it came out, but I just couldn’t get into it.

So I finally picked it up again and decided to listen to it.

It was a good choice because this time I finished the whole thing. And I really liked it. I loved the storytelling. He has a way with stories and characters. And he just doesn’t disappoint me.

Not his best but I still liked it a lot.

A Book a Week – we were liars

I read We Were Liars because amazon recommended it and praised it so much. And you know what?

You ready for it?


I might be the only one. I know everyone else loved it. But I hated it.

Up until the end, I was loving it. But then, there was a huge twist at the end that completely ruined the book for me. I was like WHAT!!!?! and just never got over it. I didn’t like the twist. It felt gimmicky and just wrong.

So there you are.

A Book a Week – Astonish Me

I read Astonish Me for book club, too. And here’s what I thought of it: Meh.


The other Maggie Shipstead book I read was also Meh. I am apparently not a huge fan of hers. I like her books okay but they don’t impress me all that much. I’ve read so many better authors and books. In my opinion, of course. My friend Lauren loves her.

So your mileage might vary. And if you’re into ballet, this is one for you.

A Book a Week – capital

I read Capital for book club. It was a book I would have never picked up on my own. And while I enjoyed it okay, I didn’t love it.

It would have been okay if I’d never read it. But I don’t regret it like I do some books (I’m speaking about you, Gone Girl!) so, all in all, if the subject interests you, I say go for it.

Otherwise, there are many better books.

A Book a Week – first fifteen lives of harry august

I read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August because amazon recommended it and it looked interesting, unlike anything else I’ve read in a while.

I like to find really different books. I still remember how much I’ve enjoyed The Golem and the Jinni.

As it turned out this book wasn’t as good. But it was still really different and quite good. I like finding books that are really different because I feel they are really rare. So when I do, even if they are not as good, I appreciate the author trying something different.

Though this one was good.

A Book a Week – dept of speculation

I read Dept. of Speculation because my friend Lauren recommended it. This is a really small book. I read it while sitting in a cafe. That’s how short it is. It’s also written in an unusual style so if books that aren’t in a standard format bother you, this might be a tough one to get through.

But if not, this is a really good book. Profound. Interesting. Thought-provoking. About motherhood, marriage, life.

A big bang for the buck considering its little size.

A Book a Week – the art of fielding

I read The Art of Fielding after letting it sit for a long, long time. A friend of ours recommended it so strongly that I finally decided to read it.

I should have known I was going to love it because I love all books that take place on a college campus.

This is a great story, well written, interesting characters and felt real to me. I am really glad I read it. If it’s in your will-read pile for a long time, too, maybe you can finally pick it up too.