On My Mind – 31 – Our Holiday Book

A few weeks ago I decided I missed scrapbooking. Not the 12×12 layouts or even the ever involved pages but more the playing with some product and telling our stories part. So I looked at the upcoming Ali’s Story Kit themes and decided the next six were perfect for me. So I finally subscribed.

The first one was adventure, which was a perfect way to document our recent trip all over Europe, so that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t have an album either, so I bought one of her December Daily albums from last year because they are super thick and come with a lot of pages which is exactly what I wanted. 

I love the way this turned out and I only used a few letters, dots, and some washi outside of the kit. This is 30 pages and all of it came from the kit. It was an absolutely perfect fit.

Super grateful for this and hoping next month is just as awesome.

On My Mind is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

December Daily 2015 – Day 25

And here we are for Christmas Day.

I started this with a photo of the boys opening their Christmas Eve presents. I love the expression on their faces. And then I added a photo I took Christmas morning of all four of us.

on the back is a full page of our Christmas table and a collection of photos of four of us making different faces:

and finally, as with each year, I close the album with a shot of tulips and my word for the following year.

And I stop here. I love this album and I am so very grateful to do it each year. This year felt the most painless so far. I kept it simple each day and that made a huge difference.

I also loved my Gossamer Blue album + kit!

December Daily 2015 – Day 24

And here we are for day twenty-four. Almost Christmas.

Today’s all about hiking. When there finally was a day break in the rain, we decided to take a little hike together. Even though this photo of the four of us is so very imperfect, I love it.

and on the back is another full page photo because I love them so. after the hike, we drove to San Carlos to walk down the magical Santa Lane so we could see all the lights, so I added half a 3×4 page to remember a few of the photos I took:

under the journaling I also added a photo of Jake and me that I liked from our hike:

and here’s the back:

and here we are. another December almost over.

December Daily 2015 – Day 23

And here we are for day twenty-three.

Today’s about making cookies. I love watching the boys make cookies and always like to do a full-page photo of the outcome and this year was no exception. (sorry colors are so off, there is pretty much no light here.)

on the back, i put a photo of them making the cookies and a bit of journaling.

So grateful.

December Daily 2015 – Day 21

And here we are for day twenty-one.

For this next multi-packet page, I decided to document all the books we’re reading at the moment. It’s always fun to see what we were reading back then (when we look at these years later.) I documented some of the ones on my list and the ones David’s reading and even Nathaniel’s.

Love this page.

December Daily 2015 – Day 20

And here we are for day twenty.

Today’s all about our going to see Star Wars. One of the parents in the kids’ school decided to rent out the whole theatre for the school and donated the proceeds to the school. So we all piled in there, got free candy and popcorn and drinks and got to see the awesome Star Wars.

The kids loved it and it was a really lovely way to end our weekend.

December Daily 2015 – Day 19

And here we are for day nineteen.

Today’s about the new bed we bought. We’d had our old one for 20 years and it was way way overdue. Thanks to my wonderful mom and dad, we bought an amazing bed and it was delivered the next day. A merry christmas to me!!

so grateful.

December Daily 2015 – Day 18

And here we are for day eighteen.

Today’s about the holiday performances at the kids’ schools. Thursday was David’s where he played the baritone and it was spectacular. Friday was Nathaniel and he was wonderful, too. We then got to go to Nathaniel’s class so I took a photo of him with his teachers, too.

journaling is under the photo:

and then i added the programs:

a lovely way to end the school for 2015.

December Daily 2015 – Day 17

And here we are for day seventeen.

I finally hit submit on all of David’s applications. This has been a big part of our year. There are still bits to go but we’re pretty much done so I wanted to commemorate that.

Here’s to hoping it ends well.

December Daily 2015 – Day 16

And here we are for day sixteen.

Today’s story is about David’s class, they had their holiday party and I was volunteering in the class. Part of the celebration was for each kid to bring in a book from their library for a Secret Santa. David’s secret partner got him this wonderful science book and gave a sweet card. So I snapped a photo in the class when the kids went around and tried to guess their secret santa and then I added her card into the next sleeve.

here’s the sweet card:

only 9 days to Christmas. This year really has flown by.

December Daily 2015 – Day 15

And here we are for day fifteen.

Today’s story is all about writing letters to Santa. I loved this one photo so much that I decided to blow it up to be full page.

it has some shimmery letters.

and in the back I put two other photos I love. Especially Nathaniel’s facial expression in the first one:

Between the two, I put both of the kids’ letters form this year and then I used the original page to do some journaling.

yey for December!

December Daily 2015 – Day 14

And here we are for day fourteen.

Today’s story is the Tech Challenge and David, Jake and Nathaniel having a moment playing with and having a moment with David’s weekly assignment for the challenge.

I love love love having these moments in my journal.