The 50 States

submission guidelines
All you have to do is pick your favorite picture, one per state, and email me the following information:

1. MAKE SURE the subject of your email reads "50 states submission" otherwise, my spam filter might tag it and I will never even see it
2. attach the actual photo, i am having problems with disappearing links so I will not link to anyone's photo anymore. please make sure your photo is not larger than 100k and no longer than 640 on the longest side.
3. the state and the specific place where the picture was taken
4. a link to your site (if you don't have one and want your email linked that's fine, too)
5. your name

6. I prefer pictures without people in them so it's more about the location.


While my husband and I drove across the country, visiting all but six states, I decided that each of the fifty states was different and beautiful in its own way. As I snapped hundreds of pictures at the beautiful sites I saw, I wished there was a site where others could share their favorite pictures of the states in which they live or ones they have visited. So, I decided to make one. - 08.23.03