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This week's question was "what are you grateful for right now?"

I read this question at a moment I was feeling truly grateful for everything. The last few months have had their ups and downs but at this particular moment, I am so thankful for life. For my wonderful husband and amazing son. For this life growing inside me. Even for my job and the great people I work with. For spring finally coming back. For the beauty of nature. For getting to teach this class I am teaching. For getting to read books, watch TV, and in general do things I love to do. So I wanted my tag to just focus on how wonderful my life is in general and how very thankful and grateful I am for that.

I wanted to do something vintagy last week so I guess that stuck with me. I was inspired by two amazing people and my art cannot do justice to either. One is art like this by the amazing Rebecca Sower. The other is this beautiful white on white piece by Vivian Bonder. I fell in love with the white on white and have been meaning to do some art that only has tones of white for a long long time. Both of these women are incredibly inspiring and amazing. Besides a lot of lace, I used some machine stitching and that's really about it.


I am combining Emily Falconbridge's art journal questions with trying a new technique each week. You can see the full list: here

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