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Remember This - Week 36

Life Book week 26 was a bonus from Kate Thompson and week 29 was a bonus from Marieke Blokland and I decided to combine both. I used fun, florescent colors for my background. These were the high flows and they didn’t behave the way I expected but I just went with it.

Then I grew the girl per Kate’s lesson. Though hers was much better, of course.

And finally I wrote “Keep Trying” because I was frustrated with my lack of enough talent to create something I visualize the way I visualize it.

And then I journaled all over.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Challenging Myself

About a month ago, I was reading Stephanie Howell’s blog and I saw her mention The Whole Life Challenge. I hadn’t heard of this site or concept at all and I was looking for an excuse to get myself back into track from all the Nutella and Starbucks I’d gotten in the habit of overdoing.

I emailed Steph to ask more questions and she very kindly and enthusiastically encouraged me to do it.

Sometimes, the universe comes together at the right time and this was one of those cases. I saw it, I decided I wanted to do it, and I signed up. All within a matter of hours.

I knew it was starting the day after I turned 40 so I thought that, too, was maybe a sign. But it also meant that I wasn’t prepared at all. At all. And if you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that I definitely lean on the organized side, so this was quite unusual. I think maybe I just didn’t want to think about it until I had to. Instead I had more lattes and more Nutella.

So Saturday came and I immediately went into panic mode. The only food I’d bought was oatmeal that was 100% oats to ensure I had some breakfast. I ate my breakfast and then went shopping for food. I also went through the house and threw away everything I knew I could no longer eat. (There wasn’t much left at this point because I hadn’t been buying much and I’d been eating whatever I bought.)

The way this challenge works is that there are 7 aspects: nutrition, 10min workout, 10min stretching, supplement, water, lifestyle(changes each week), reflections (journaling). I spent some time deciding what all these mean for me and how they will manifest in my life.

Last night, I finally decided it was time to get organized. So I sat down to list all the different parts of this process:

  1. Water – Drink 3 containers full of water – this is sized to work for me
  2. Supplement – I’ve decided to take Omega-3 for now but seeing the doctor tomorrow so we’ll see
  3. Stretch – The WLC site has different daily stretches they recommend and for now I am just doing those each day for 10 mins.
  4. Exercise – Exercise component is a bit involved for me partly because I wanted to do different things:
    1. Walk 10,000 steps each day
    2. Walk up 10 floors of stairs each day
    3. Do the NYTimes Scientific 7-min workout daily (I use this YouTube video)
  5. Nutrition – There are three different levels you can choose in the game, I’ve decided to go with LifeStyle which is the medium level. (PDF of Levels)
  6. LifeStyle – This week this is about no technology during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  7. Reflection – This is just a small amount of journaling I have to do each night. Not hard :)

And to ensure I don’t forget about some part, I’ve made a printable I glue to my notebook each week:

This way I can track it all day long and feel good about my progress. (you can ignore the sketching bit, that’s a different daily goal.)

So far, the biggest challenge has been the 7-minute exercise which apparently is working out muscles I didn’t even know I had. So I am sore everywhere. And, I mean: everywhere.

But, other than that, I have been doing fine with no bread or lattes or nutella. At least for three days.

My hope is that this 56-day challenge will fundamentally shift the way I eat food so that I can move my diet to a more plant and protein based one. Here’s to giving it an honest try.

Listen with Intent – Week 37

For this week, I picked praise. One of the things I want to focus on this year (which might be obvious with the word listen) is to focus on the other person and not on me during a social interaction. I feel like praising is directly aligned with that. Finding something wonderful about each person I interact with and seeing the very best of them. I love that.

Here’s the pin where I got the lettering..

Listen with Intent is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Nathaniel Reads to Mommy – Week 18

Nathaniel Reads to Mommy is a project for 2014 that I am doing with my 4.5-year-old son. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know – Week 36

This week’s inspiration comes from this pin. I used pastels, stickles and pen on this page. I like how sparkly it is.

prompt says: today i know that i need to make some changes

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Mixed Media Class with me and some Amazing People

A few months ago, the awesome folk at Big Picture Classes contacted me to see if I’d be up for doing a class on Mixed Media with some other Mixed Media artists. I was scared but I said yes. And then I saw the list of artists and I got a lot more scared. They are AMAZING.

I am so incredibly honored to be amongst these artists.

The list includes artists like Donna Downey, Rebecca Sower, Christy Tomlinson and Celine Navarro.

For my part, I show a technique I like to use on my pages but also walk you through how I make a page from beginning to end. I made a brand new page for this class, of course. Here’s a little sneak:

I know it’s tiny.

The page I have is very much in the vein of the pages I create usually.

I will be up front that all the links are affiliate links as that’s a big part of how I make any income from the class. So if you’re thinking about taking it I hope you’ll use my links :)

More than anything, though, I hope to see you in the class!

Sign up here: Mixed Media Studio!

A Book a Week – Lexicon

I read Lexicon in one sitting. I had read that it would be a fast read but I had no idea how interesting, weird, and fun I would find it.

I’ve read other Max Berry books before and the pace and tone was similarly over the top but I really liked this one.

I would recommend you go read the blurb on amazon and if the subject interests you I’d recommend this one.

Savor Project – 2014 – Spread Thirty

Still catching up from the summer.

so happy.

Savor Project is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This - Week 35

Life Book week 28 was back to an assignment from Tam. It was about drawing an eye. This one is almost a copy of the art she made for the week. And i do love it so.

It’s all made with acrylics, pens, watersoluble crayons and some sprays.

I do wish I’d written one big message on the page. Eh, we live we learn.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

The Gift of Awareness

On Monday mornings my sons’ school has a school-wide assembly where they talk about different topics each week. This week was the first one for the 2014-2015 school year. The head of the school talked about awareness. Being more present and aware of this moment. Aware of your choices. Paying attention.

I drove home thinking about awareness in my life. Where I can foster it more. What gets in the way of my being more aware?

Then, later in the day, I was talking to a friend from work who’s frustrated with a situation. As we talked, I realized that he was making a mistake I have made in the past. He was too busy complaining about the other person and how this person had to change instead of focusing on himself. When I asked him what he wanted from his own life, he wasn’t sure. He said “if only I knew.”


So I told him that what was getting in his own way wasn’t this other person but his own lack of awareness about what he wanted. His lack of desire/willingness to get that figured out. It’s tough to do this work. Most of us really want to complain and have the situation fixed in the easiest way possible, ideally where we don’t have to do the work but it’s fixed for us. This is why we complain, point the finger, or whine about others.

It’s easier.

I’ve done it a million times myself.

Looking deep down and understanding what you want, what you deeply desire is tough. Figuring out what you’re willing to do to make that happen is even tougher. And doing it is the toughest of them all. But, sometimes, once you know, it’s really easy to take the necessary steps. It’s as if you’re suddenly propelled forward. What was holding you back was really the lack of articulation. Not sorting out what you really want.

As with everything, it all starts with awareness.

So I am doing the same thing myself today. Making a list of my desires. My frustrations. My hopes and dreams. Things I whine about. And then looking at them through the eye of awareness. What do I really want. What’s getting in the way? What am I willing to risk to get what I want?

Welcoming the gift of awareness into my life.

Listen with Intent – Week 36

For this week, I picked volunteer. One way I can see myself being more social is with a purpose. So if I volunteer to do things that need to be done, to help a cause, I know that I will show up and I will feel like my presence matters. As a side effect, I also get to be more social. In my world, that’s a win-win!

Here’s the pin where I got the lettering..

Listen with Intent is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know – Week 35

This week’s inspiration comes from this pin. I used pastels and pen on this page. These are not my colors and this page doesn’t make me so happy but i am still glad I tried something new.

prompt says: today i know that life is good.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.