Note to Self – Week 28

This week’s page was for One Little Word. The prompt was about music but I decided to do mottos for myself instead. These are all notes to self. They are things I want to remember and use as mantras for myself.

Note to Self is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Note to Self - Week 23

This week’s page was a One Little Word lesson. This month is about messages to myself. Where I am now. What I am.

It’s quite shiny:

Note to self: i am both succeeding and struggling and a continuos work in progress. Nothing is ever perfect. Each things takes work and time which means that time and effort cannot go towards something else. You get to choose. Choose wisely. And pay attention to the choices. And also remember that each phase will pass. Be gentle with yourself.

Note to Self is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

One Little Word 2015 – January

I’ve been taking Ali’s One Little Word class for as long as she’s offered it and this year is no exception. The January prompt is usually my favorite one as it sets the intentions and tone for the whole year and then I find myself referring to it all year long so I take it pretty seriously.

Here are my January pages:

The front is a print out of the text I wrote here about why I picked this word.

The back is beautiful graphed paper from Margie’s beautiful The Girls’ Paperie.

The next page is a 2×3 pocket page. It has a definition and a quotation:

The definition is from the blog post too. It’s what brave means to me. The quote is from the wonderful A. A. Milne: “You are braver than you seem, stronger than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.”

And here’s the back with let go, invitation and reason why:

Let go says: I want to let go that things always have to be the way they are. That things can’t change. in fact the only thing we are guaranteed in life is change. I want to let go that this person I am is concrete. I am fluid like life. I can be whatever I wish to be. I can feel however I wish to. I get to choose. I can define every part of my life and how I live my days.

Invitation: This word is an invitation to question everything. It’s an invitation to get out of my comfort zone and look at all the things that come my way with a new filter. A Beginner’s Mind. Anything is possible. I want to be alive. This is an invitation to learn what that means for me. What makes me come alive? What does it mean to be brave? Where in my life can I use more of it?

Reason-why: I chose this word because I realized that brave begets more brave. It gives me energy. It shows me that I must question everything. Assume nothing. Take nothing for granted. I want to fully live all the days of my life. To do that I must be brave and bold.

And here’s the next page which has more sections:

I’ve already talked about what I’ve done so far so I won’t rewrite that section but here’s what I have for more and less:

  • More kindness, less yelling.
  • More generosity, less worrying.
  • More responding, less reacting.
  • More doing, less procrastinating.
  • More exercise, less sedentary.
  • More healthy food, less garbage.
  • More self-care, less postponing.
  • More daring, less settling.
  • More celebrating, less bashing.
  • More time, less rushing.
  • More thinking, less talking.
  • More new things, less fear.
  • More open, less unwilling.
  • More alive, less “the same.”
  • More love, less impatience.
  • More joy. More joy. More joy.
  • More taking chances.
  • More vegetables.

What do I fear the most:

  • I fear not changing, not trying the new.
  • I fear not speaking up when I need to.
  • I fear not asking for help.
  • I fear failing.
  • I fear disappointing the people i love.
  • I fear yelling.
  • I fear regret.

The back of the form is all about my intentions:

I made sections for health, serene, abundance, open, and alive. Here’s the snippet of what I wrote:

  • Health: Exercise daily, eat fresh veggies daily, feel stronger, take care of skin, teeth, hair. drink water.
  • Serene: daily journaling, beauty around me: flowers, declutter, read, down time, nature, respond not react
  • Abundance: be generous, give more time, attention, money, volunteer. spend weekly dates with each kid + jake, say yes. there’s enough of everything.
  • Open: receive, say yes, assume people’s intentions are good, let others take care of me. go visit people.
  • Alive: do something brave daily, go out daily, talk to people i see, walk with the kids, going on adventures.

And if you’ve read this far and aren’t totally sick of me, I have two more things. Ali asked two questions to keep in mind all month:

  • What are you filling your world with? I thought about this one a lot. Wasn’t really sure what the answer was here but finally here’s what I settled on. Drawing: i’ve been sketching daily and loving it. Vanilla: I’ve burned a french vanilla candle almost daily and my table smells like dessert 24/7 now. And, finally, my kids: I’ve been giving a lot of my time to David lately.
  • Where are you going? I am going in the direction of prioritizing my kids and my husband. This is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve been balancing it better this year so far. I can do even more here. I’m going in the direction of courage.  Trying new things. Saying yes. Stepping up. Having faith.
  • What one little thing can you do? Well, I did one big thing. At least big for me. I’ve said yes to my son’s project. Yes to spending a lot more time working with him and helping him. So I did that. One thing I did for Nathaniel is get him a gratitude journal so he can write a sentence daily like David did back then. One little thing I can do for my little one is read more with him one on one. One little thing I can do for Jake is be more patient. Kinder. I can always be kinder.

So there we are. Not all months will be this huge but I wanted to make sure to preserve January since I know I will refer to it a lot.

Today I Know – Looking Back

Today I know was a gift from the Soul Comfort class I took towards the end of 2013. And it ended up being one of my favorite projects from 2014. It never felt burdensome or cumbersome.

I really liked doing such a wide variety of pages. The art was fun. Learning to navigate the thin and non-waterproof pages of the book was fun. Playing with such a variety of mediums was also fun.

But the best part was the journaling. Getting to write out such interesting topics. Using the pages to collect my thoughts. I really loved it.

I seriously considered continuing the project for 2015 in some capacity. But I like to change things up. So I decided to bit farewell to this particular project. However, I am keeping my prompts and may end up using them in some other way.

In the meantime, I love love love this book that I ended up with. And I will go back and visit it regularly.

It was one of the few projects I didn’t abandon or modify in any way. I found a system early on in the year and it worked well enough for me to carry it throughout. Partly because I think this was a very flexible project. It was fun, diverse, introspective and rewarding.

I am very grateful to Melody for her wonderful ideas that never let me down.

Remember This – Looking Back

Remember This was mostly to honor things that I knew I wanted to remember. Messages for myself. Lessons learned, etc. It was also a way to regularly do the assignments for the Life Book 2014 class I’d signed up for. As of now, I’ve done all but 4 of the classes. That’s 46 pieces of art from Life Book class. Not bad at all.

Of course, not all of them are my favorite. Many of them are not. But I still really liked experimenting with so many different styles, ideas and even mediums.

So much so that I decided to take Life Book 2015 as well. I am looking forward to another year of wide ranging art and experimentation.

Listen with Intent - Looking Back

Listen with Intent was all about setting intentions regularly. Remembering how I want to feel, thinking about what I want to be intentional about in the coming week.

I wanted to combine this reflective exercise with the goal to improve my lettering so each week I picked a different style to hand letter and I had intended to sketch each week, too, but about halfway through I realized that coming up with a matching idea on what to sketch got more and more difficult and it was impeding on my ability to get the project completed each week.

So I let it go. I decided to just focus on the lettering.

And I felt so very liberated. Looking back, I like each of these pages in their own way. I like the intentions. I like seeing them now. But…. I don’t think the project worked so well intention-setting-wise. I didn’t connect with the intentions the way I did when I did my first OLW or when I was doing the Life Organizer Book.

So, for next year I’d like to come up with a way to reconnect with my weekly intentions. I’d like to set them at the beginning of the week and I’d like to be aware of them all week long.

Maybe this means going back to doing Life Organizer book again. I’ve neglected that all year in 2014 and maybe this is a signal to go back.

Having said that, I feel like on the lettering front, this project was a big success.

I’ve tried a lot of lettering styles and I’ve enjoyed every one of them.

All in all, I am glad I did this project. I feel much more comfortable with using lettering and I love looking at the pages.

The Savor Project – Looking Back

This was the first year I did my Savor Project digitally. I haven’t gotten it printed yet, so I am not sure how it will look in my hands and I am looking forward to getting it ready and ordering the book just because I know it will be fun to look through it. As with most of my projects, the first half of the year was considerably wordier, more deliberate and more successful.

But I did make it to the end of the year. I have a lot of spreads and I love what’s there. So many more stories got preserved thanks to this project. So many more pictures. So much more joy.

For 2015, I’ve decided to finally put this project to bed. Or at least take a year off and then see how I feel for 2016.

For now, I will focus on getting this one ready for printing and enjoy the guaranteed bliss I will get as I look over all of the pages in preparation.

Today I Know – Week 51

This week’s inspiration comes from on of Tam’s lessons from Life Book 2014. I used acrylics on the flowers and border. It was quick to make and gives me a lot of joy!

prompt says: today i know that i really like to

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Stitching Circles – Looking Back

As I was designing my projects for 2014, I wanted to pick something different that didn’t involve drawing or coloring of any kind. Inspired by the class I was taking at the time, I decided to do a stitching project. I spent a lot of time perusing through pinterest, picking ideas I would like to try.

I started this project with a lot of enthusiasm. I really loved how cute they each turned out to be. I would keep my needle and embroidery thread in my bag and work on it as I waited at carpool.

But it didn’t take long before it felt like a lot of work and not nearly as much fun. Some of the designs took forever to finish and I felt more and more under the gun where it was more important to finish than to enjoy the process and take my time.

So much for the serenity I was hoping to get from this project.

Once I realized what was happening, I just didn’t feel the urge to continue anymore. And made the conscious decision to walk away from the obligation to finish out my year.

Looking at all the ones I did do, I still feel like it was very worthwhile and a lot of fun.

and very much something different for me. I cherish all of these.

Savor Project - 2014 - Spread Forty-Five

This is one of the Week in the Life pages I made that will be going into my Savor album for 2014:

and finally this one is all about my art.

Savor Project is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This - Week 46

For the life of me, I couldn’t get a good shot of this page. This month’s assignment was to write a letter to myself on my word. I painted my whole cardstock with lots and lots of color. Then I painted the middle white. Then I made some lines using the side of a palette knife and then journaled on it.

I am not a fan of the black lines but I do love all the color on the edges and in the lettering. You win some, you lose some.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Listen with Intent – Week 51

And finally, for the last week, I decided to set an intention to embrace life. To embrace all the wonderful messages from the universe, from my community, my friends, my kids, my wonderful husband, my loving family. Embrace all the good in my life.

Here’s the pin where I got the lettering..

Listen with Intent is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.