December Daily 2016 – Day Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five

And we are at the end of one more December Daily. Here are the final pages:

Day 23 is about our family photos:

Day 24 is about Christmas Eve presents and then I added a 4×4 to be able to put a few more photos.

Hanukkah candles, setting the table, the kids opening their presents.

And then Christmas morning photos:

And the last page is my traditional tulips with my OLW for the following year.

Here’s to a happy, merry 2017!

December Daily 2016 – Day Twenty-Two

Today is honoring one of those really ordinary days where we do nothing super significant. David is on his computer, working away. Nathaniel is watching Pokemon and I am working on my year-end blog posts. Love days like this.

December Daily 2016 – Day Twenty-One

I always like to have a page that honors my word of the year. This is that page.

There’s a little flap.

under which I wrote the journaling.

I love having my word in there.

December Daily 2016 – Days Nineteen and Twenty

I really liked my pages for 19 and 20 and I knew I wanted to print lots of photos from our trip to Edmonton. So for the 19th, I put some of our boarding passes. and journaled a tiny bit about the flights we took there and back.

On the back, I journaled all about our trip and then added a photo I love.

And then I just printed photos from the trip and added them as 6by8 photos for the next few pages.

No one photo is amazing but together they tell the stories from our three days and I love that.

And it love that i will back on this and remember how wonderful this little getaway was even though we didn’t get to see the aurora.

So here we go. Onward to day 21.

December Daily 2016 – Day Eighteen

And it’s pointless to record media if I will not also record some of my favorite reads from 2016.

I’ve read 119 books so far this year. I am so grateful for books.

December Daily 2016 – Day Seventeen

This year, I wanted to make a point to record some of the TV and movies we watched and loved. I like looking back on these over the years.

a few of our favorites.

December Daily 2016 – Day Sixteen

Today we leave for a quick adventure to Canada. We bought lots and lots of warm clothes and packed it all up.

Here’s to more adventures!

December Daily 2016 – Day Fifteen

I have finally put together day fifteen now that my ink is here.  Today started with a trip to Nathaniel’s class, back home for meetings, and then back to Nathaniel’s class for a craft party so I took a bunch of shots all day long and added them here. I also wanted to make sure to have photos from my day at work and then a goodbye party for my previous manager.

This is my manager’s goodbye cake. Love it 🙂

a little closeup. On the right side, I have a short cardboard, I covered it and journaled on it.

I like having some tall, some short, some narrow things. I also added a tab to this page for fun.

The back has shots from Nathaniel’s classroom.

The tag we did for craft fun.

A photo with his teachers and some journaling.

And there’s day fifteen.

December Daily 2016 – Day Fourteen

Today’s about how I finally wrapped the presents. This is a milestone for me. It’s when it feels even more like Christmas. Seeing the presents under the tree like that. I love it.

More than halfway to Christmas now!

December Daily 2016 – Day Thirteen

Today is about Nathaniel’s swim class. He has so much spirit and so much joy that he can’t contain it.

I love my sparkly little boy.

December Daily 2016 – Day Twelve

Today is all about book club. Specifically my Young Adult book club. Even though this story happened a few days ago, i wanted to make sure to have it in my album. So here it is.

I love how this journal is a bit of Christmas, a bit of daily life, and a lot of reflection.

December Daily 2016 – Day Eleven

Today is all about the boys playing music.

I cannot put into words the joy it brings me when I hear my boys play music and sing together.