December Daily – Day Twenty-Four and Five

And here we are. I hadn’t decided if this book would go to Christmas Day or The 31st. But it turned out the decision was made for me since my book ran out of pages right on Christmas Day. I like the idea of going only until the 25th because it gives me that one week to rest before the new year starts.

So here’s Day 24. The front is our photobooth photos from Tintin and the movie tickets.

and the back was a photo so I just added a few photos of the kids opening their Christmas Eve presents and called it a day:

The next day was our Christmas Morning Breakfast as it’s become tradition for me to put this in the journal:

and the back was the very last page in my book so I put a few of my favorite shots from Christmas Day and made sure to end the book with my word to remember.

and that’s the end of this book. Here’s what it looks like all full:

Here’s the front:

and the back:

and there we go. Another year, another December Daily.

Here we come 2012!

December Daily – Day Twenty-Three

I’m almost done with my book. I just took photos of the last few pages. In the meantime, here’s day 23:

The front is just a shot of our tree with a little present ornament I received from Junelle that I love.

and the back is photos I snapped of Jake and David while we ate at the diner at the mall. They are blurry but they make me happy.

I only had a few pages left in my book so I decided to keep things simple for the last few days.

so that’s it for Day 23.

December Daily – Day Twenty-Two

And we’re on to day twenty-two:

David reading out loud to me. I wrote the Little House on the Prairie but it was actually The Little House in the Big Woods. I love listening to him read to me.

i also love these little stickers. Put them all over my book this year.

another photo. added just a little my mind’s eye chipboard on there.

Nathaniel’s been lining things up a lot lately so I was compelled to capture it. I just love how cute he is. He loves when I photograph them.

and on the back is the little boy reading a catalog. I love the little feet that stick out.

and that’s it for Day 22.

December Daily – Day Twenty-One

My next page was leaves so I left them as is and added the numbers:

the next page is David’s Lego creation that he was super-proud of:

and then the back is the first day of Hannukah. When Nathaniel saw the candles, he screamed “Happy Birthday!!!!” and tried to blow them out. We laughed and laughed.

and that’s it for Day 21. My book is almost full so I am guessing it will only go to Christmas Day this time.

December Daily – Days Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty

So here we go. There are a lot of pages from Legoland and not much of the two days we spent in the car.

I wrote up the story of how we came to decide to go:

i tucked the tickets inside and wrote a little story about getting to the hotel.

the next page is early morning Nathaniel and Jake and how they watched the planes:

and then a simple spread with both my boys smiling:

then right outside Legoland both us and the sign:

and a page with a flap where i wrote about how kids can play legos while we wait in line:

here it is with the flap open

the next spread is more photos of the kids and the park.

and then more. I love the fabric on the right which is why I didn’t cover it all.

the next page is all the photos of the lego models I took while there and the kids playing in a car.

and the other side of the spread explains the models a bit and then one of the boys sitting as we wait for the shuttle to come pick us up. David’s there under the flap.

The next spread is just a tree photo (from last year, it was in the book when i made it.) and a Starbucks sign that I liked with some My Mind’s Eye stickers. The right side was actually a baseball card holder page but I didn’t feel like using it for now.

and then finally for today, my rings came so I took a photo of my finger.

here it is with the flap open and some journaling about my word:

Phew. All caught up!

December Daily – Days Fifteen and Sixteen

So I got to do today early. Here’s the last two days.

Yesterday was all about David. I went to his school for a musical performance in the morning so I took a photo (blurred for privacy.)

i tucked the program under the little flap.

the backside is his story he’s been writing at school that he shared with me when we went to his class after the performance.

that’s the 15th. For today, I wrote a little bit about my thoughts and gratitude around this season and put a photo of Nathaniel. You can’t see it but he’s looking at my December Daily album in the photo. He loves looking at the album every day.

And the back is the wrapped presents under the tree. I finally wrapped all we got so far and got it ready so I put down some thoughts there, too.

And that’s it for day sixteen.

December Daily – Day Fourteen

And here we are for day fourteen. This month is going too too fast.

Here’s the next spread:

The left side was just a photo so I only added stickers:

the right side is one photo of each kid and how grateful I am for each:

and on the back is a little story about our little deer and how much Nathaniel loves it:

And that’s it for day fourteen.

December Daily – Day Thirteen

Work’s been exceptionally busy so I am trying to keep these simple. Today’s spread came in the mail. It was a lovely surprise from Big Picture Classes with a beautiful book, a card, a sweet felt ornament and some delicious chocolate. I was so surprised and grateful that I decided to make my page on it.

left side is the felt ornament. I had to wrestle Nathaniel for it. He wanted to put it on the tree but I won of course. i loved it so much:

right side is the beautiful card. I loved it as is. I added a little sticker and the date.

And that’s it for day thirteen.

December Daily – Day Twelve

Monday was all about following up on Sunday.

Nathaniel presented his board at school so I added that to the following page from yesterday:

and then I wrote about family night where we all build legos together, even though it was on Sunday:

And that’s it for day twelve.

December Daily – Day Eleven

After a hectic Saturday, Sunday was quieter and had a lot more words:

David lost his second tooth in one week.

and Nathaniel spent a lot of time working on his poster for school:

the page in the book was just a page protector, so I made two digital pages and added a little sticker for the date.

And that’s it for day eleven.

December Daily – Day Nine and Ten

And here we are for days nine and ten. Sorry for the delay.

Friday was mostly picture-less. I found a photo of the movie we went to see, added the tickets and a set of photo booth photos we took when there and that was page nine.

The next day had a lot of photos and pages. Short on words this time but that’s ok. I started with my favorite photo of the three boys and our trip’s name:

the next page was a photo so I just added some words.

here’s the spread to another view, this also has the right side page with tickets from the event, a photo of Nathaniel and a picture I took of the lunar eclipse that morning at 6am:

the back has more photos from the train.

and then I added my favorite photo of Nathaniel looking out the window:

and on the back my favorite of David looking out the window:

The next page was another photo so I added some more words.

and finally another photo I took this weekend that I just love love loved. A few words for this one and my Friday and Saturday pages were done. Still working on Sunday.

And that’s it for days nine an ten.

December Daily – Day Eight

And here we are for day eight.

The next page was just a small baseball card holder page. So I just slipped some photos from the day and a little felt star. Kept it super simple. This page has the presents my neighbor left on our doorstep and the drawing Nathaniel’s showing off:

and the back has David smiling and a photo I took of one of the houses in our neighborhood:

And that’s it for day eight. Still keeping it simple.