Drawing Books – One Last Stop

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Daily Year of Yes – 207

Year of Yes – 207

Yesterday I got to sit outside and do art and document our stories and read and journal and relax. I’m finding that I need this reflection and recovery time more and more lately. It’s a way to fill my cup, assess where I am and what I’d like to add to and remove from my life. It helps me be more intentional and more grateful and just in general more present in my life.

Again and again I find that if I don’t take time to fill my own cup, it changes how I show up for others.

Yes to filling my cup.

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Say Yes – 30

  • Weekly Intention: My intention this week is take breaks. Last week was tough and I worked too much and tried to do too much. I need to go slower and take more breaks.
  • This month’s intention is: July: Yes to adventures: Create some adventure. Go places. Do things. Hug your people. Take chances. July is almost over. Any more chances for me to take?
  • One way I will leap this week: maybe finally find and start taking a class?
  • One boundary I will set this week: I will take 30 minutes for myself every night this week.
  • One area where I will go deeper this week: maybe i can pass the lead test this week?
  • What do I need to sit with this week?  tiredness.
  • I am looking forward to: booking one more summer vacation.
  • Focus on Core Desired Feelings (lighter, kinder, enough, magic, wild): oh man i’ve been diving deep into all this.
  • This week’s challenges: Tuesday will be a long, long day.
  • Top Goals: 
    • Work:  stay on top of email, FOW reviews, prep for QBR.
    • Personal:  restart journaling plan, find one class.
    • Family: climb with J, get david to do class, do more SAT with N
  • This week, I want to remember: it’s ok to rest.

Daily Year of Yes – 206

Year of Yes – 206

The sky was all over the place today. Made me think about how sun finds a way to shine through. And how there are always some clouds even on a clear day. And how clouds can make the sky more beautiful and more interesting all at the same time.

Not sure what it all means. But that’s what was on my mind today.

Yes to what is.

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Weekly Reflection 2021 – 29

  • The Best Part of this Week: I’ve been very intermittent with these, this year. But I still enjoy doing them when I do them. Best part of this week was Friday and getting some downtime.
  • I celebrate: getting to have in-person coffee with a friend
  • I am grateful for:  open conversations around vulnerability
  • This week, I exercised: I’ve been riding, climbing, doing core, arms, restorative yoga and stretching regularly.
  • This week, I said yes to:  talking through things.
  • I said no to: not much this week.
  • I honored my values (love, learn, peace, service, gratitude):this was a tough week and i learned a lot.
  • Top Goals Review: (these are a few weeks old but that’s ok)
    • Work:  i did all my work goals.
    • Personal:  not doing awesome on journaling or class
    • Family: climbed with J, got david to enroll in class, did not plan milestones for N
  • My mood this week was: really tough and low week this week
  • I am proud of: i am proud of making it through.
  • I release: i released so much this week and i have so much more to release
  • Here’s what I learned this week: no one can give me what i won’t give myself.

Review: Under the Whispering Door

Under the Whispering Door
Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is impossible not to love this book. I dare you to try.

This is the story of Wallace, a lawyer who dies from a heart attack and is brought to Hugo who lives in a “tea shop” where Wallace will cross over with Hugo’s help. Wallace wasn’t the very best person when alive, let’s just say. But now as he lives in the tea shop with Mei (his reaper) , Nelson (hugo’s grandfather), Hugo, and Apollo (hugo’s dog) he learns more about life and how to live than he ever did while he was alive.

As with TJ Klune’s other novels, these characters wind their way into your heart and never let go. The story is deep, joyful, meaningful and deeply heartfelt. If you let yourself feel it, there’s no way this story will not warm your heart and make you feel deeply grateful.

I loved every minute I spent with it.

with gratitude to netgalley and Tor Books for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Notes from the Burning Age

Notes from the Burning Age
Notes from the Burning Age by Claire North
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I usually love Claire North’s books. I’ve read many and have really enjoyed all of them. The writing in this book was really good and the details of the dystopian world were very intriguing. What ended up holding me back was that I couldn’t get attached to any of the characters enough to care and much of this story required the reader to really root for the main character (at least in my opinion.)

Parts of the story was very interesting and then parts dragged, for me. This is very unusual for a Claire North novel and I can’t wait for her next one because I am confident I will enjoy it.

with gratitude to netgalley and Hachette Audio for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: The Maidens

The Maidens
The Maidens by Alex Michaelides
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thought this mystery novel was okay. I didn’t guess the twist but I also have to say I just didn’t get attached to any of the characters enough to care. It was somewhat interesting and I really enjoyed the literary and mythological references but this one wasn’t a huge hit for me.

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Review: What a Happy Family

What a Happy Family
What a Happy Family by Saumya Dave
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This great novel has nailed the intricacies of navigating a family that at its crux deeply wants to love and support each other and yet due to so much pressure from culture, norms, and personal fear around vulnerability, they each suffer in silence until things start unraveling deeply and what feels like irreparably. Their journey to unravel and their journey back to each other are both wonderful to read.

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Review: The Layover

The Layover
The Layover by Lacie Waldon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet, fun story that is perfect for when you want something light and fun. I enjoyed the time I spent with it.

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Drawing Books – Who Is Maud Dixon?

Who is Maud Dixon by Alexandra Andrews

Daily Year of Yes – 205

Year of Yes – 205

From the moment I wake up on the weekends I find that the time starts tick tick ticking. Hours pass and my list of things I want to do grow and grow.

I read two books today. It was lovely and relaxing. I exercised and talked to my mom. And I did nothing else. My list of what I want to do in a weekend is 10 days worth in two days.

And such is life.

I will never get through all my list and that’s wonderful because it means I have a lot of things that give me joy. So I will tackle a few each time and look forward to the others next time.

Yes to relaxing weekends.

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