Weekly Gratitude – Favorite Photos

In honor of my tradition of daily photography and a guest post at shutter sisters today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite daily photos since I’ve started karenika.com. They’re not in any kind of order.

They are over the years so they are taken with different cameras and have different amounts of post-processing.

First time doing lowlight photography.


One of my all-time favorite shots of David.

Skyline Boulevard.

Another macro-ish shot in San Diego.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Hillside, Fethiye, Turkey.

Recent Nathaniel photo that Jake likes.

California Academy of Sciences.


La Jolla at sunset.

And of course the butterfly in the banner.

I am so grateful for my tradition of daily photography and how much it allowed me to capture my life over the years.

8 comments to Weekly Gratitude – Favorite Photos

  • I love your photographs! I too, try to shoot everyday. I see you have some cute inspirations!

  • Congrats on the Shutter Sisters post. And nice retrospective look!

  • cheryl

    I remember the day you admitted you didn’t know how to take a picture. How many years ago? You’ve come a long way, baby. These are stupendous!

  • Hi Karen – I found my way here through your Shutter Sisters post and have just been skimming through your posts. I’m in total awe of how talented you are in so many different ways. Your daily photographs, your art journal. the weekly gratitude posts and your scrapbook layouts are so inspiring. I can’t believe you’re able to do it all and do it so well … while raising 2 kids at the same time. I keep 2 photoblogs but weekly posts is all that I can usually muster at best. I’ve also always been intrigued by art journals and bought a book about it long, long ago (before I had kids). Your posts have inspired me to dig out that book and perhaps even finally start an art journal of my own. Thank you for the inspiration today.

    • karenika

      cynthia, thank you so so much for your kind words!! i hope you do take that art journal out! it’s so very therapeutic to take a little time to play each day! I hope you do !!!

  • Love love love your photos! The one of David is oh so adorable. The nature shots…make me jealous of the beauty. Just wonderful…

  • I love your article on shutter sisters, it was so inspirational and made so much sense. I am only 60 days into my 365 and sometimes I feel I will never get there but what you write is so true and inspiring and I thankyou for it. I love your blog and your wonderful photographs.

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