Daily Diary – December 10 2010

Considerably fewer photos today. I had the day off today so I spent most of my day relaxing and getting small todos done and just enjoying not having to stress about anything. Which apparently meant not taking a lot of photos either. Nathaniel took the opportunity to make a huge mess in the living room.

And then more messes while he ate a ton of crumbs he created.

And I didn’t want to miss David so I asked for a photo and this is what I got.

When Jake got home, we all went to Vasona Park to look at the lights which is where the top image is from. More on Vasona Park in the december daily post tomorrow. We have no plans for the weekend which is wonderful. I love the idea of making some snowflakes together. Snuggling up to watch movies. And resting. Perfect for me.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I made a layout. With december daily, I haven’t made a layout in days and it felt fun to make one today. I also covered my three notebooks for 2011 and they make me happy too.
2. I am grateful that I have had so many amazing opportunities in my life. I do not take it for granted one bit. My family, friends, career, artistic life. I’ve been so blessed.
3. I am grateful that this weekend is wide open for some quality family time with a tiny todo list. Wee!

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. playing with play-doh at school {* his pick for the journal}
2. going to Vasona park
3. getting to wear the 3-d glasses at the part (they make everything look like a prism)

1 comment to Daily Diary – December 10 2010

  • Brenda in Sunny SoCal

    Hi Karen, I know you’ve mention it is hard to photograph David, but I LOVE his pose on the last photo of this post, his eyes pop and he has a nice smile.

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