A Book a Week – This Must be the Place

I chose This Must be the Place because one of the reviews said the author was like Anne Tyler. And since Anne Tyler is one of my all-time favorite authors I knew I had to try it.

In the beginning, I didn’t like it. I didn’t dislike it but I just couldn’t get into the story. But eventually the characters found their way into my heart and I ended up loving the book. Even though I could tell the twist long, long before it was revealed (though I sort of think that was the author’s intent.) I still loved every little bit of this book.

And it did remind me a bit of Anne Tyler and her quirky, sweet characters that I always fall in love with. I am looking forward to seeing more from this author.

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  • DeeAnn Cummins

    Hi Karen, I love Anne Tyler and was glad to read that you do too. I just re-read some of my favorites by her. Have you discovered Elizabeth Berg? I especially like Joy School and the other two (Durable Goods and True to Form) about the same little girl. I will try This Must Be the Place. Thanks for a new title to try!

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