December Daily 2011 – The Before Pages

As December approaches, I wanted to get ready with my album. My goal this year was to do my version of the Shabby Travel Journals that Mary Ann Moss makes. I signed up for her Remains of the Day class a few months ago, watched the videos and spent a while (much longer than I’d hoped) putting my book together.

Here’s how it looks now. As we get closer to December, I will talk more about some of my decisions and plans this year. I apologize in advance that many of the photos are not 100% clear. My lens is for portrait shots and has a shallow depth of field so it’s not the best to take these kinds of photos. My book has about 80 pages so, after a while, I got bored and just wanted to get it done. 🙂

I also added a movie in the end so you can see it a bit better. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. You are forewarned, there are a LOT of photos in this post:

Here’s the cover. It will likely change a bit but I kept it simple for now.

Here it is without the ribbon:

and the back:

the book has 2 signatures. Each signature has 10 pages that go across so it’s a total of 40 pages per signature and 80 in the whole book. I checked the last 3 years and I average about 75-80 pages each year.

Here’s the first page:

I didn’t put any numbers this year. Wanted to leave it more free form. Some of the pages are photos I took in the previous years. You can see one on the right side of the this next photo.

here are more pages:

here’s one with an overlay. You can’t see it but that’s a pocket so I can put something under the overlay.

and here’s another photo on the left and an overlay flap on the right.

more pages:

middle of the first signature:

more photos and pages:

and the end of the first signature:

beginning of the second signature:

more of the same kinds of pages with photos and overlays:

some of the pages were coming apart due to my bad stitching so I taped them:

middle of second signature:

and more pages:

and here it is on the table:

And here’s the video I promised. I apologize in advance for my yucky computer fan that would not quiet down:

And there you go. I have mixed feelings about this book but I am grateful that I finally got to try to make one of these shabby journals. Let’s see how it works.

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