Year-Long Classes – Month One

I am taking two year-long classes at Big Picture Classes this year. I am pretty sure you must have heard of both. Even though these are not amazing, I still thought it would be fun to post my progress each month. If for no other reason than to record things.

One is One Little Word with Ali Edwards. I took this class last year, too. But even though I watched all the videos and kept up with the class, I didn’t do any of the work (well I did the first month only.) As it worked out, I got the Pink Paislee binder she used last year so I decided I would do the assignments as well this year. (Of course, she’s changed format since then but I am still doing them in my Pink Paislee binder anyway.)

Here are my OLW pages so far:

the opening page:

and a photo of me on the back. this was the only photo I had that had just me so I decided to go with it:

and here’s the assignment for january:

and there we go. If you’re not taking this class but do pick a word for the year, I highly recommend the class. It’s a wonderful way to keep your word close to your soul and mind all year long.

The second class I am taking is Cathy’s Move More Eat Well. For me, this class is to do the most important part of the health work I started last year: maintaining. It’s hard to lose weight and eat well, true, but it’s much much harder to maintain it for the rest of your life. And I hope to never have to gain my weight back or lose the exercise routine or start eating badly again. But I know it can all happen if I don’t pay attention. So the class is here to make sure I continue to pay attention.

Here are my assignments so far.

Opening page:

back of opening page. all this was hard work for me, for some reason. and, yes, I used the same photo.

and here’s the page for January:

And here we go. That’s where we are now. I will post a February update once we get there.

Are you taking either of these classes? Do you like them?

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  • Deb

    thanks for sharing. I am doing these 2 classes and like you I did OLW last year but only did January’s work. I am going to follow through this year – my word is DO! I am also doing TWELVE and your class also. It’s busy but I’m enjoying the process of boh your class and Twelve. Although I haven’t completed my work as such as we are on holidays until Friday I know I waste too much time mindlessly surfing the net. Once my girls go back to school I’m going to track my time and then make some changes.

  • I was thinking about taking Ali’s class but *still* on the fence. Thanks for the sneak peak of the work that y’all are doing in there… πŸ™‚

  • Lucie

    Yea! I delighted to discover you are taking the MMEW class with Cathy. I am too! I’ve done the work, but have not taken pictures of anything yet. I will though. Thanks for sharing yours.
    I did only the first month of OLW last year, so decided not to take it this year. I figured I could finish it sometime later, but then I discovered that BPC took my access to the old files away. Don’t know why. I thought we would have perpetual access once we signed up for the classes. Now I know better!

  • Susan

    This is my second year taking OLW and am also taking Cathy’s MMEW. Loving them both so far!

  • I’m hoping that February’s class work for MMEW will involve some sort of evaluation of our 1 thing for January, cause I’m not doing too well so far (I might include something myself if it doesn’t)

    Love what you’ve done so far, I’ve blogged my MMEW, but haven’t finished the OLW prompt yet.

  • Dear heart, you look lovely!! What a sweet photo!! I hope you look back and cherish it, as a snapshot of who/how/where you were at that moment. (((((HUGS)))))

  • I’m taking MMEW too πŸ™‚ and I’ve been reading your blog through out the year, I love your art work and have really enjoyed reading about your daily runs and health journey…I think your inspiring not because you have lost a lot of weight but because your still striving to do better, to fuel yourself better, to live your best life for you and your family…you are awesome!

  • It’s great that you have chosen to use the same picture of yourself for both projects. I do that sometimes especially if I really like it. You look fabulous!!!

  • I am taking Cathy’s MMEW class and not doing so well this month. I have been exercising, but for the food, lots of stress is causing me to pick, pick, pick which is a bad habit for me. I have only done some of the assignments and need to finish. I thought about take Ali’s OLW but not sure if I will like the format or prompts. I stuggle with rigthing my thoughts. This is why I have been taking lost of art journaling classes to help me express what I am feeling thru art. I am also taking your Time class, and also behind in the class as well. I am going away this weekend so hoping to catch up since I will be away from home. I printed all the material to ready and work on in the hotel.

    Is there any way to see some examples of Ali’s OLW assignments?

  • I’m doing the OLW class and using the second set of Pink Paislee protectors I bought (at international shipping prices I often get more than one) interestingly whilst I’m not doing Cathy’s class we share a goal in January. My goal in January is to find a way to record everything I eat, I’d like to tie it to exercise but have started with an Evernote note. I have had ‘sparks people’ and ‘my fitness pal’ recommended but haven’t looked yet.

    Losing the first two weeks to illness does delay getting through my to do list. Hence the photo taking tomorrow I’ve got planned for my title pages for OLW and for an assignment in Twelve – the other year long class I’m doing.

    Well done on getting the assignments done and I hope you find a personal trainer that works with you.

  • […] you remember from my post about the yearlong classes my one goal for January’s Move More, Eat Well class was to find a personal trainer. I had […]

  • Long time reader (sporadically at the moment) first time commenter. I just wanted to say my heart skipped a little beat. I’m doing both OLW and MMEW this year and it makes it all the more sweeter to be doing it alongside you. I think you’re lovely, admirable, inspirational, and aspirational.

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