The Savor Project – Week 2

And here’s the spread for week two:

These full spread photos are hard for me to take because my lens is not wide-angle enough but I am trying my very best.

Let’s get into a bit more detail. Here’s the left side:

The left side is about how Nathaniel’s always happy and finds a way to occupy himself when I have to work and David’s at school. The other story is about how much I love watching the kids play together. I can see telling this story again and again and again. I will never get enough of it.

Here’s the right side:

The first story is about how David and some of my current thoughts of the boy he’s growing up to be and how much I love him. The second on is our family photo for the week and how much I adore these photo sessions. This, too, I can totally see telling again and again.

As usual, the bottom has my art along the bottom. Even if the art is sideways, it doesn’t bother me. I like having a record of it.

So there we go. That’s week two.

Happy Savoring.

The Savor Project was supposed to be a weekly project for 2012. You can read about my setup here.

9 comments to The Savor Project – Week 2

  • dawn

    I love your SAVOR project, everything in it and about it makes me HAPPY!!

  • Damiane Lucas

    This is absolutely gorgeous, Karen! It seems like a lot of work, though. Whew! You know, I did Project Life last year, but it consumed my life. By the month of May last year, I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed, so I had to stop the project. Since I don’t have children, I ran out of things to photograph, and I found the project too big and all-consuming for me.

    Your work is always beautiful! I’m just wondering if you’re enjoying this process for your Savor project. Thanks for posting, and let us know how this style (as opposed to your previous moleskine look) is working for you.

    Thanks again! You’re the best!

    • admin

      Well, in fairness, I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks but I swear it’s not a lot of work at all. At least not for me. And I really love looking at the pages. So, so far, it’s working well but I’ll say check back with me in March or May πŸ™‚

  • Karen I like what you are doing with The Savor Project and totally made it your own. I love the usage of two pockets to include your mini layout. I want to incorporate this a bit into my own project because it seems to mesh the scrapbook portion with Project Life. Thank you, thank you yet again for more creative inspiration. This is why I so much enjoy your blog along with everything you share: the good, the bad & the oh so crafty!!!

  • KathleenB

    Your artwork along the bottom of these is beautiful!

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