The Savor Project – Week 9

And here’s the spread for week nine:

here’s a closer up of the left side:

The first story here is my book club read: The sense of an Ending. Then one about how Nathaniel’s always watching David and whatever he does. Then one about David reading all the time and how that’s fine by me. And one about how easy Nathaniel is while I work during the day.

And here’s the right side:

The first one is about our tickle time and how much I love it and the second one is about how Nathaniel can get his daddy (and me) to do anything he wants by saying please.

As usual, the bottom has my art and our weekly family photo.

So there we go. So far, so good. Loving getting to savor these memories again and again.

Happy Savoring.

The Savor Project was supposed to be a weekly project for 2012. You can read about my setup here.

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