The Savor Project – Week 23

And here’s the spread for week twenty-three. This is the first week from being at home:

here’s a closer up of the left side:

The first story here is about david’s last day of school and his teachers. The next one is about the bliss of watching them be blissful.

And here’s the right side:

The first one here is about my sister’s husband and how much he played with the kids, especially Nathaniel. And then one about all of us being together.

Since I didn’t have art as usual, I put some photos I love.

So there we go. So far, so good. Still enjoying this project a lot.

Happy Savoring.

The Savor Project was supposed to be a weekly project for 2012. You can read about my setup here.

3 comments to The Savor Project – Week 23

  • Kate Burroughs

    Hi Karen– I love your Project Life pages. I am wondering if you would consider giving us a list of the supplies you use on your pages? Like who makes the small brown letters that you used on this week’s spread? I often look at your pages and think I would like to do something like that, only different but can’t seem to find the supplies at my local scrapbook store. Telling size when you look online is difficult, most online stores don’t give dimensions.
    Aloha, Kate

    • karenika

      hey kate, i apologize so much for the delay and thanks so much for your kind words. I’ll be honest: i am too lazy to do that. it takes so much time and i’d rather just be doing art or reading instead 🙁 however, if anything catches your eye, just ask me, i promise i will reply. the small brown letters are from october afternoon but i can’t seem to find a link for them. they are old 🙁

    • karenika

      uhm I was so wrong!! they are by cosmo cricket. called tiny type!

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