Journey into Collage – Week 48

text reads: paint your life any color you want. it’s your life.

Journey into Collage is a project for 2012. You can read more about it here.

3 comments to Journey into Collage – Week 48

  • Ellen L.

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy seeing your spreads! In every one I notice something — a little tweak here or there. Thank you for sharing your art with the rest of us scaredy cats. I don’t blog and I rarely post anything I create. You inspire me to experiment and that’s really a huge thing. Thank you!

  • dawn

    Karen, I LOOOOVE this page!! All of it and everything on it!! Really hoping you will continue these in 2013. They are so awesome and make me happy!!

    Just read your post below, so happy to hear your looking forward to December. The new OLW you picked is a good one adn I know you will do great things with it. Be proud of all you savored this year too, LOVED IT!! Hope you will continue some form of that album too.

    Thanks for always inspiring and being such a wonderful person. Happy December to you!

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