The Savor Project 2013 – Week 1

And here we go! Week One:

I talk about going to the San Francisco Zoo, Paddle boating, to the PLAY! center and building with magnets, playing with army men and seeing Life of Pi.

So far, the 8.5×11 is working great. I haven’t found a way to fit my art yet but still thinking on it.

See you next week!

The Savor Project is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

2 comments to The Savor Project 2013 – Week 1

  • dawn

    Hi Karen, sooooo excited to see this today!! I love each pocket and the cutest journal cards. Did you make that one in the bottom middle, looks like a stencil from Julie Balzar?? LOVE IT!!

    I’m proud to say that I will be following your idea with my Project Life this year and couldn’t be happier with it. The small pockets are so fun to fill up and I like my cropped photos. Takes more work but enjoying the process of it.

    I put your link on my blog today to let others know about yours if they’d like to see. For anyone here who would like to see my pages too feel free to visit my blog. Karen has inspired me so much in this first week of the year, thanks Karen for help and kindness you’ve given me. HUGS!!

  • Bernice J

    Karen, where were you able to purchase the page protectors for the 8.5 x 11 size?

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