A Book a Week – Palace Walk

I read Palace Walk because it was chosen for book club.

It wasn’t the kind of book I would have chosen on my own. It’s historical (and political) in nature. It’s about Egypt. And it takes place in 1910 to 20s. Not a location, type, or era I generally choose. But that’s the whole reason I go to book club so I decided to read it anyway. (and this author won the Pulitzer.)

And it was tough.

It took me forever to get into it and be interested enough to keep picking it up. Especially since none of the characters made me want to find out more about them. Some of them were downright loathsome. Lacking in integrity. It wasn’t fun.

But I chugged along and kept reading anyway. And I finished it. There were parts I liked but, overall, it wasn’t my favorite and I don’t see myself wanting to read the others in the trilogy.

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