June Projects – Fingerless Gloves

Here is the tutorial to these. I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time.

The thumb was quite a challenge and I can’t say it turned out so well but here we are:

June Projects – Monster Chunks

I saw these monster chunks a long time ago and loved them instantly. So I decided to make some of my own:

Mine isn’t nearly as awesome, of course.

But I still love it. Sitting on my shelf.

Quite fun to do.

June Projects – Crochet necklace

I had saved a link to this simple, pretty necklace a while back, way before I knew how to crochet. And then, just after I learned basic crochet Rebecca Sower posted this tutorial so I decided it was time for me to sit and make some.

I am not sure why but I wasn’t able to get good photos for these.

I first made this one:

And then wanted to make something more subtle and daintier.

I love wearing this one on my wrist.

simple, fun and sweet-looking. Nathaniel loves touching it, too.

June Projects – Saartje’s Booties

When I saw the photo of these booties a long time ago (I don’t have the source of these particular ones, I am so sorry), I really wished I could make them but I also knew the chances were slim. I am not that proficient a knitter. I have only made scarves before. But this month, when I was making my list, I came upon them again and decided I would try to tackle them. Even as I was putting them on my list, I didn’t think the chances were high. But on they went.

With many many many thanks to YouTube and Google, I was able look up anything that stumped me (and there were several instances of that.) but I did manage to make a bootie.

and while it’s far from perfect and a bit super-sized, it’s here and done.

And there’s no way I’m making a second one 🙂

As it turns out, it wasn’t horribly difficult, just very. But I am a slow knitter so it took a long long time.

But I did it.