August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 15

Here’s today’s mantra:

Life is too short to hold grudges. And more importantly, when I don’t forgive, that other person holds a power over my life, my decisions, my happiness. I don’t want any of that. I want to forgive quickly. easily. I want to let it go. I don’t need to give them permission to do it again but I can let it go. I can detach from the experience. I can heal. I can learn to create boundaries. But all of this begins with forgiving.

Especially the people I love. I don’t want to build up a fight. I don’t want to win the argument. I want to let it go. I want to forgive and move on. I want to give the people I love a million chances. I want to assume the best of people.


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August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 14

Here’s today’s mantra:

Life is full of possibilities. Full of people, opportunities, challenges, surprises. I want to be open to all of them. To other ways of thinking and being. I want to be open to what life might bring. Open to doing new things. Open to change. Open to things that seem crazy. Open to trying. That’s the only way I will get to grow, evolve, see what I might love.

I also want to be open to receive. To let others’ love wash over me. Their kindness. Their friendship.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

A Book a Week – Among the Ten Thousand Things

I read Among the Ten Thousand Things on the plane back from Zurich.

It has a weird thing with time. Where the book starts at the end. goes backwards. and then goes all the way back and then comes back to catch up with itself. Or something like that.

It was interesting but not amazing.

I felt somewhat apathetic towards it.

August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 13

Here’s today’s mantra:

Another core desired feeling: be true to me. I want to be me. Unabashedly.

I have so many issues around this one. So many wounds. So many voices in my head that tell me there’s something wrong with who I am and that I should aim to change: the way i look, the way i talk, the way i behave. Change everything if I want to be loved.

And yet, there’s a strong pull inside me to be me. I feel like even though I feel bad about it constantly, I still always choose to be me. I don’t want to give up being me.

So instead of fighting it, i just want to own it. Step into being me. Not just be ok but be totally happy to be me. Thrive as me.

I want to choose me.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 12

Here’s today’s mantra:

This one of my core desired values for 2016. Give. be more generous. In every way. Give more time. Give more money. Give more love. Give more hugs. Give more smiles. Give more patience. Give more knowledge. Give more effort.

I have a lot more than I think. None of these things are scarce.

I don’t want to believe in a mentality of scarcity. I want to choose abundance. The fastest way to that path is to give more. When I give, it becomes clear that I can give. that I have more to give. Abundance begets more abundance.

So step one: give more.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

2016 Stories – 33 – Cousin Time

When we made our summer plans this year, we decided to change things up a bit. We usually go to Bodrum to see my family and chose to go to Istanbul instead and we usually go to Martha’s Vineyard to see Jake’s family, but we decided to spend longer and in Boston instead. So we booked a two-week trip at the end of the summer. We figured we can go to the Vineyard just the four of us for a few days and spend the rest of the days in their wonderful home in Boston.

This way I could go to work in the Cambridge office if needed and it was better overlap with Zurich timezone anyway (this was planned before everything moved to Sydney.)

Here’s what I learned form our two weeks there:

  • The kids didn’t like the Vineyard nearly as much without all their cousins.
  • But I loved being there just the four of us for a bit.
  • I am still very allergic to the cat.
  • It’s wonderful sitting in my mother in law’s backyard.
  • Better than the Cambridge office.
  • Though the office was really lovely to visit.
  • The kids loved every single moment with their cousins and didn’t want to do anything besides running around the house and yard with them.
  • Boston is really hot (and randomly rainy) in August.
  • We all need to vary our diet more.
  • Homegrown vegetables taste amazing.
  • Two weeks is a long time to be away from home (especially when I’ve already traveled for four weeks before then.)
  • This was a wonderful gift to our kids.
It was a great vacation and a good experiment. Next year we will have to shorten in a bit I think but Boston was definitely a bit win for my allergies!
PS:  As I was finally processing all the photos from this year, (I had over 1,200 accumulated that needed processing!) I decided that there were way too many untold stories here and even though I would completely mess up the time order of things, I knew that I wanted to preserve these stories here because this blog is where I come to look back on my life and to put down the stories I want to remember. So without worrying too much I will go ahead and stick them all here and then years later, it will not matter that this particular story didn’t happen in this particular week. It’s still a story from 2016. I didn’t want to email 30 emails so if you’d like to read all the past stories you can click here.

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August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 11

Here’s today’s mantra:

Shine. This is a word that’s been nagging at me for a few months now. It might be my pick for 2017. Though I do have a few other contenders, I love the idea of shining every moment. Being the very best version of me.

I bought a bracelet a few months ago, it says: Let your light shine

And that’s what this mantra is for me. Letting my inner light shine onto the people I love. I love this quote: I just really want to be the warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love. 

Yes. yes. yes.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

Living Intentionally – 33

Phew! I am finally back home after what feels like forever. I’ve spent the weekend getting organized, catching up on email and resting, resting, resting. After I finally processed the 1,200 photos that were sitting in my folder, I’ve posted 30 weeks of stories on my blog which feels wonderful.  Thanks to being out of town so much, I have a collection of todo items, appointments and a slew of meetings this week. But I am hoping that by the end of this week, I will feel considerably more caught up. I’d better because Nathaniel’s school starts the following week and I have to spend two days at David’s new school for Orientation. And then they are both back at school. New routines, new school years, and onward we go. So I have about 10days of summer left here and I will do my best to spend that time getting us on schedule/routine and hugging and kissing my boys. And, most importantly, sleeping in!

  • Weekly Intention: My intention this week is to organize myself. I would like to wrap my head around all the disparate pieces of my life a bit before the kids start school if I can pull it off.  I also would like to do a bit of thinking around 2017. My word, my intentions, my projects. This is around the time of year where I like to begin thinking and planning for the next year.
  • Choices I want to make:
    • One: I will choose to get organized. Make lists, collect them together, reply/return/execute on long standing todos to be done.
    • Two:  I will choose to show up for my 30-day goal that I just set. More on this later.
    • Three: I will choose to rest and enjoy my time with the boys before they’re back to school.
  • I am looking forward to: feeling a bit more caught up on my life.
  • This week’s challenges:  I have the dentist (for me), the orthodontist(for david), and the post office (passports for both of the kids) all in one week. Not my favorite. I also have a lot of rearranging, cleaning of my calendar and adding a lot of new meetings this week.
  • Top Goals:
    • Work: My intention this week is to get a lot of work done at work so I feel more caught up and organized. I’m getting there slowly but I’d like to feel a bit more settled than I do.
    • Personal: I want to rest and also eat well and work out and journal this week. Let’s see if I can pull it off.
    • Family: The boys and I have been working on eating healthier and more varieties of food. I am so proud of their progress and hope to make even more of it this week.
  • I will focus on my core desires (kind, strong, true, generous, brave) by: 
    • I will be kind to my body. I will be working it pretty hard this week, so I will make sure to rest, too.
    • I will be strong and show myself that I can do hard things. I can do this.
    • I will be generous with my kids. I will teach them math, spend time with them and help Jake with his work.
    • I will be true to my priorities and remember what matters most to me. Stay focused on my goals.
    • I will be brave by setting up new meetings at work, putting myself out there more, making it work.
  • This week, I want to remember: that I can do hard things. I am stronger, braver, tougher than I think I am. Physically and emotionally. I got this.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 10

Here’s today’s mantra:

I wrote all about this one a while ago. Joy is a choice. I can choose to do things that I know will bring me joy. I can focus on what gives me joy. I can choose the perspective of joy. I can choose the moments of joy over anxiety, worry, fear. I get to choose how I feel and I can choose joy. My life is complex and all of these possible choices live on top of each other. At any moment, I have something to be happy about, something to worry about, something I am afraid of, etc. So I have to pick which one to focus on. This card is here to remind me to choose JOY.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 09

Here’s today’s mantra:

Here’s what I learned: change is the one constant. I have kids, husband, friends, family, a house, and a job. Something is always changing in my life. A new school. A new project. A new friend. Someone moving close, someone moving away. Something breaks in the house. Things happen all the time. Life never stays exactly the same.

And I have so very little power over most of this change. I don’t get to decide it or stop it or change it. I just have to embrace it. I have to let it be, and have faith that things will work out as they always do. I have to have faith that I will learn to adjust. I will grow, I will be ok. I have to not only stop rejecting but actively choose to lean into the change. To welcome it.

This is how I learn. It’s always easier to swim with the current.

I have a lot of change coming in my life. Hopefully all will be for the good. In the meantime my mantra will be to embrace the change.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

A Book a Week – The Girl With All the Gifts

I read The Girl With All the Gifts because it was on a top listens list from audible.

This is the kind of book I would never ever have picked up on my own. I am so glad I did. It was weird, unusual and just crazy. It was fast paced and super weird.

Have I said it was weird?

It was weird.

I don’t want to give it away. Read it if you’re adventurous.

I’ve since read MR Carey’s new book, and liked it too. I don’t love love love either of them but I do like them. Mostly cause they are so unusual.

August 2016 - Daily Mantras - 08

Here’s today’s mantra:

The card says: There is so much magic all around me all day long. Every day. It’s incredible. The trick is not to add more magic. It’s to see it.

My life, just as it is, is magical. Really, truly, magical. I know that it’s normal for us to work hard to achieve things and then, once there, to start seeing things as ordinary over time and to get used to them and to take them for granted. But I don’t want to do that. All my life, I wanted to live in America. All my life, I wanted to work with computers.

I live in not just America, but beautiful California. I work with computers at a job I love and a company I love. I have an incredible family whom I adore. A husband who’s been with me and loved me and accepted me for 22 years. I am healthy and can enjoy the sunshine every single day. My commute is from upstairs to downstairs.

I can go on and on. My life is full of magic. My kids are magic. My husband is magic. I want to step into all this magic and let it wash over me.

Sure, I have hard moments too. Sometimes many many of them. Sometimes I worry they will never end. But even in those dark times, there are moments of magic every single day. And if I don’t look for them, I can’t see them.

Daily Mantras is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.