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Learning with David – Week 14

This class is by and it’s writing class.

Learning with David is a project for 2014 that I am doing with my 9-year-old son. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know – Week 27

This week’s inspiration comes from this pin. I used Micron pens to draw the cats and colored pencils to color them in. It was really fun.

prompt says: today i know that i can do this

I wrote about how the ups and downs of managing my day to day life.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

A Book a Week – Counting by 7s

I picked up Counting by 7s because someone in my book club recommended it. They said it was a great book like Wonder. So I decided it would be fun to read it and then pass it on to David.

And, great it was.

I will say that, in my opinion, I don’t think it was as wonderful as Wonder. But it was a completely different book so it’s not fair to compare. Nonetheless, it really was a great story, beautifully told, and a really wonderful read. If you have middle-school kids and/or like to read stories that might be for younger kids, this one is recommended.

I am glad I read it.

Savor Project – 2014 – Spread Twenty-One

This week is mostly Nathaniel, too. I need to take more photos of David.

so happy.

Savor Project is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This – Week 27

Back to Life Book. Life Book week seventeen was taught by Tascha Parkinson. Her style, too, is nothing like mine. Her page was small, sweet, and cute. I decided to make her character gigantic. It’s cute.

Way cuter than I am likely to make on my own. But I like the colors, the way it’s so different, and it’s cuteness too I guess.

The text says: grateful and all the journaling in the background is about all the things for which I am grateful.

Another different page. My goal with Life Book was to practice something different regularly and I am definitely getting that.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Mix and Match - July

Here’s my Mix and Match page for My Mind’s Eye for July.

My sweet boys,

Today, you two decided it would be fun to do some sidewalk chalk. You two grabbed the box and I took a chair, my camera, and my ipad so I could sit outside and watch you while I read. You two started out by playing individually at first. David wrote some formulas and Nathaniel drew some sheep.

Then David had this idea of tracing his footsteps from the house to the sidewalk. And when he was done, Nathaniel wanted to do it, too. So then he made his footsteps from the other side so they could meet in the middle. And then where they met, you drew a little rainbow with a heart on it.

And then you were so happy that you hugged each other and asked me to take pictures.

And I did. I so did.

As I snapped each photo, my heart grew bigger and bigger.

My sons, I have many, many wishes for each of you, but one of my biggest wishes for both of you is that you love each other deeply and support each other throughout your whole lives.

Having a sibling means there’s this other person who has shared all of your childhood memories with you. It means there’s a person who will be there for you no matter what. It means this person will love you unconditionally. You will have many different friends in your lifetime. Some will come and some will go, but you get to have this one sibling and he will be there forever. He will be the one consistent person in your life.

And my wish for you is that the two of you never take that for granted.

I hope that years from now, you still turn to each other in times of joy and sorrow. That you are not only siblings but also friends. That you spend time together and that your kids play with each other. I hope that you never stop playing together or hugging each other.

When I look back upon my life, some of my fondest memories include my sister. Today, she is the person I trust above all and the person I can turn to for honesty, kindness, and support. She is the person who loves me unconditionally. The person with whom I belong forever.

And that’s what I want for the two of you. I hope that you will always remember that you belong with each other and that I love you both with all my heart.

Checking In

I got back from Turkey almost a week ago but I still seem to be suffering from some form of jetlag. It’s almost 4pm here and I am fading quickly. Part of me feels like I have so much I want to say and so much I want to do (mostly draw) but then another part of me is totally wiped out and needs more time to recover.

So, in the spirit of trying to do both, I found this post and decided to do one of my own.

Making: Lists of what I need to do to get back on my schedule.
Cooking: nothing. Bought some fresh fruits and veggies today and making salads.
Drinking: More Diet Coke than I’d like to admit.
Reading: Per my promise to David, I just finished all the Harry Potter books. They were magnificent.
Wanting: A lot more time off. Time to catch up to my own life. Time to rest.
Looking: forward to digging into new watercolors and fluorescent acrylics I bought.
Playing: A card game I downloaded while I was home. Thanks for the new addiction, Daddy.
Deciding: on what my daily art will be in July.
Wishing: I could freeze time and catch up. And also that I could feel less tired.
Enjoying: The beautiful weather. Sitting in the backyard as often as possible.
Waiting: For Murakami’s new book to come out.
Liking: Having some pants for the first time in a long while.
Wondering: If I can choose to mediate this month.
Loving: Talking to my nephews every night on Skype.
Pondering: My next book to read.
Considering: Going to sleep even though it’s 5pm.
Watching: Harry Potter movies soon!
Hoping: I feel more rested tomorrow.
Marveling: At how my kids got no jetlag whatsoever.
Needing: Some down time. Some art time.
Smelling: Fresh fruit.
Wearing: A new watch and new jewelry, thank you mom!
Following: Up on all the emails I missed.
Noticing: That I have another trip coming up in just weeks.
Knowing: How incredibly lucky I am in so many ways.
Thinking: It’s ok if I drop the ball for a while.
Feeling: Tired.
Admiring: My husband and his optimism. Love him so.
Sorting: Through all the photos I took.
Buying: New watercolors. So excited.
Getting: Overwhelmed.
Bookmarking: Sketching ideas.
Disliking: My eating habits.
Opening: Myself up to new possibilities.
Giggling: Along with the boys, as they wave at the work camera.
Feeling: Grateful.

How about you? How are you?

Listen with Intent – Week 27

A new month is a new theme. Since I have yet another long trip this month, I decided Patiently would be a good goal for this month. I could certainly use more patience. And it’s one of the core requirements of listening, if you ask me. So my intent this month is to slow down. To really be patient and slow and calm. This is not typical for me and it will not be easy but I hope to stick with it.

The lettering I used here comes from this pin.

The image here is supposed to be an hourglass.

Listen with Intent is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Nathaniel Reads to Mommy – Week 13

Nathaniel Reads to Mommy is a project for 2014 that I am doing with my 4.5-year-old son. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know – Week 26

This week’s inspiration comes from this pin. I am sorry the photo is low quality. My camera and I have been fighting on focus. I drew this with my Micron pen and colored with color pencils.

prompt says: today i know that i never want to forget

I wrote about how awesome david’s presentation was and how i want to remember my kids are different from me and that i want to cultivate who they are as they are.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

A Book a Week – Allegiant

I cannot tell you how excited I was about Allegiant’s release. I’ve been a huge fan of the Divergent series and I couldn’t wait for the final book. I waited and waited and waited.

But then when the book came out, I wouldn’t read it.

I read a few pages and I kept putting it down. I am not sure what was going on but I just couldn’t get into it. The reviews were bad, too, which made me sad. I think it was that I didn’t want my favorite story to be ruined.

When I finally sat down to really read it, I ended up leaving it with mixed emotions. I won’t say I hated it because I really still love this story. I love Veronica Roth’s writing, characters and plot. Even though it wasn’t my favorite of the three, I still love this whole series.

Savor Project - 2014 - Spread Twenty

This week is Nathaniel’s birthday, part two!

so happy.

Savor Project is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.