Review: A Line To Kill

A Line To Kill
A Line To Kill by Anthony Horowitz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t help it, I love all of Horowitz’ books in this series. They are clever and funny and so self-referential. Just my kind of stories.

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Review: French Braid

French Braid
French Braid by Anne Tyler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“There were advantages to being a girl and having nothing much expected of you.”

Anne Tyler is one of a kind, for me. I love her characters and I love the way they burrow into your life and you never want to let them go. This was no exception.

This is the story of a family over multiple generations. You see them grow away and towards each other. You see them struggle and you see them be there for each other. Tyler is so good at portraying “ordinary” people and the struggles we go through.

“Still, though,” David said, “you can never take it for granted that family members will like each other.” “Oh, David. Families love each other!” “ ‘Love,’ well, sure. I’m talking about ‘like,’ ” he said.

A lovely story around what it means to be family.

with gratitude to KnopfPenguin and edelweiss for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

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Daily Year of Yes

Year of Yes – 328

We had an early Thanksgiving today because Jake is off to an adventure. I loved being with my people and I am also looking forward to a quiet few days, reading, resting and being grateful.

Yes to downtime.

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Daily Year of Yes – 327

Year of Yes – 327

Vacation mode on. Exercised. And now relaxing in the bath while listening to the Nagoskis’ book on Burnout.

Everyone is doing their thing and I am trying to slow my brain, my body, and my anxiety all the way down.

Yes to time off.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 326

Year of Yes – 326

There is so much opportunity for delight in an average day. Sometimes all you have to do is ‘look up’ and sometimes all you have to do is pause.

Yes to delight.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 325

Year of Yes – 325

Day two of adventures went without a hitch. It was cold and windy but we didn’t let that stop us.

Grateful for the mountains and grateful for my husband who has the lead skills to make all these adventures possible for us.

All four of us got to climb and see some breathtaking views.

Yes to family adventures.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 324

Year of Yes – 324

Adventures in the wilderness are the best kind of adventures. We climbed today in the middle of nowhere without a person in sight. The rocks, the wind and the four of us.

100ft up these beautiful rocks.

It was magical.

Yes to adventure.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 323

Year of Yes – 323

And we made it to the holiday week. Here’s to adventures, rest, and reflection.

Let’s hope the days go very slowly so I can enjoy them to their fullest.

Yes to time off.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 322

Year of Yes – 322


Feeling very full and grateful today. Remembering to take things moment by moment and appreciating what is right here and now.

Slowing down to pay attention. Not believing my thoughts. Not letting the anxiety win.

Yes to slowing down.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 321

Year of Yes – 321


I’ve been thinking so much about friendship lately. How we make friends, what kind of friends I want, and why.

It’s hard to make friends as an adult. It’s hard for me to invest time into something that might or might not pan out.

I don’t have the answers. I’m s just thinking about it.

Yes to friendship.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 320

Year of Yes – 320


Yes to medicine.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 319

Year of Yes – 319


I have not climbed in about ten days; it was really nice being back at the gym.

This morning little boy’s bus didn’t show up so I ended up having to drive him to school unexpectedly. It ended up being a two-hour trip and a lot of rush hour driving. I did not miss driving or rush hour. And while I wasn’t excited about making the trip, I felt grateful that it happened to be a light morning for me and I didn’t have to panic about work.

The feeling of ease is still here and I’m still practicing so much more awareness and release than before. I am so incredibly grateful for it.

Yes to ease.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes