Fifty-Two Stamps - Week 12

For this week’s stamp, I did something fun but not super useful. None of my pinterest pins were appealing to me this week and I just felt drawn to this little jar and decided to have fun.

Here’s what the stamp looks like:

I made the jar and then two little hearts to fill it with. I also love that I can use the little hearts everywhere.

Here’s to doing things just for fun every now and then.

Fifty-two stamps is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Note to Self - Week 12

This week’s page is my version of the first Life Book 2015 assignment by the awesome Tam herself. It was meant to be the guiding light and I decided to make this angel I’d made a few years ago but only using white and yellow hues.

The text for this week says: choose the light.

There’s something magical, for me, about using white and yellow. Something magical in the shiny pages. Something magical in light. I don’t often choose to follow the light. I can easily get myself wrapped up in the darkness and lose sight of the joy and the light. I like the lantern and I have been choosing to surround myself with more light this year which I hope will remind me that it’s always there, always available to me.

here’s a front view, you can’t really see the shiny:

i love the shine:

Note to self: choose the light. it’s always there and it is a choice no matter how it feels. no matter how i feel. the choice to choose the light is always, always there.

Note to Self is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Everyday Brave – Week 11

This week’s page is a fun one. On the left side, I just wanted to draw something fun and colorful. So I just picked my pen and drew this fun balloon. I painted it all the colors that made me happy.

The right side something I’ve drawn before but I just didn’t want to skip drawing. I figured drawing my tea and my little candle is better than not drawing. I know Danny Gregory would approve.

And there we are. Here’s another week.

Fifty-two stamps is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Weekly Diary – March 22 2015

I spent the last week in the Zurich office. I had meetings all week and took lots of notes and met lots of people. I always feel really conflicted about leaving the kids but then when I go to these meetings, I also always feel rejuvenated, inspired, and good about my job. Which is why I am willing to go even though it means time away. The kids had a blast with Jake. They played on the playground every day. They got ice cream and oreos and even went swimming together.

Here are a few more photos from the last week:

I had taken some shots of the fun work conference rooms when I was in Zurich last December but this time I went to the building across the street and found some more fun rooms. Like this James Bond one.

This is the room on the other side of the secret door.

Arabian nights. Or Aladdin? I am not sure. It had no name.

and more.

some mini conference rooms in the big one.

there was a saloon too but my photos didn’t come out well.

the lego room.

was one of my favorites.

especially this wall.

then I went back to my all time favorite room: the library.

and took a mirror shot, too.

the cafe is called Milliways.

and has a big slide.

before I knew it, the week was over and I was on my way back.

i spent the weekend mostly out of it. Nathaniel got pinkeye and I am very jetlagged so we spent a lot of time at home, just relaxing.

and still all in good humor.

nathaniel making pig noises.

making us laugh.

silly faces.

and fake pouting.

angry faces.

and just a lot of laughter.

and here we are. Another full week. I missed my family so much and it’s so great to be back home. I am so grateful for my life.

Weekly Diary is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Sweet Nathaniel

This is a layout I did for My Mind’s Eye for March.

The right side says: sweet Nathaniel: Today was such a lovely day. We spent the morning together and you made me smile and laugh. You are one of my favorite people in the world. I love you!

Journaling says:
Sweet Nathaniel. This morning, we both woke up really early. 5:46am. I usually spend Saturday mornings surfing the internet and not getting anything done. But this morning, I wanted to spend some together time with you. So I asked you if you’d like to go to Cafe Borrone and sit there until they start serving food. And you said, yes, of course. You always says yes!

I can talk about all the work we did while we sat there and went through your workbook, but this story is not about what we did. It’s about who you are. We sat at Cafe Borrone for ninety minutes. During that time, we worked hard on things you didn’t know but instead of getting tired, you were happy and upbeat the whole time. You joked, you laughed, and you even danced a bit.

At some point, I took out my camera and tried to take photos of you working and you started giggling. Then you started making silly faces. And then you started moving around while giggling and laughing and making faces. You just got happier and sillier with each click.

My first instinct was to tell you to be quiet and sit so I could get a serious photo. I even said “Nathaniel, let me get one normal one and then you can be silly.” But you were so busy having fun that you hardly heard me. That’s when it dawned on me that you were being normal. There was nothing wrong with the way you were being. You weren’t disruptive, you weren’t throwing tantrums, you weren’t bothering anyone. You were being your sweet, happy, funny self.

You were being you.

Nathaniel, one of the best things about you is how full of joy you are. When others’ look at you they can’t help but smile because you’re overflowing with happiness. You’re always so sweet and bouncy and happy that it infects those around you. I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve come up to me and told me how awesome you are. And, they are so right. You are awesome.

You are awesome.

In that moment, when I was taking photos and wishing that you were quieter, more still and subdued, I realized that if I got that photo, it wouldn’t be a photo of you. It would be a posed photo of this kid in my head. The one who’s not nearly as interesting or lovely as you. The one who would pale in comparison to the rainbow that you are. The photo of the quiet, working boy would be such a small sliver of the story of who you are that it’s not even worth telling.

The best part of your story is these blurred photos that burst with energy, joy and giggles. They are what makes you, you. They are what makes us wonder what we did to get so lucky to have you in our lives. I love you with all my heart, my sweet son.

David and Nathaniel's Books of Happy Memories - Week 10

Here’s this week’s offering from David:

David’s got a compliment from his 3rd grade teacher and two little plant card he made.

And one from Nathaniel:

Nathaniel’s been having a lot of fun with glitter glue. It’s pretty shiny.

David and Nathaniel’s Books of Happy Memories is a two projects I’m doing with my kids for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Stories of Twenty-Fifteen – Week 11

Here’s this week’s story:

Title: A Day in Diamond Peak
As the winter started approaching, Jake and I made some plans to go skiing. We originally had planned to go the first weekend in January. We had our room booked and location picked out and we were all excited to go.

The night before we were scheduled to leave, Nathaniel walked into our room at midnight and said he wasn’t feeling so well. As it turned out, he had a fever of 104. We canceled everything and spent the weekend at home. A week later, he came down with an ear infection. So we waited a bit longer.

The third week of January, we decided it was finally time to try again.

David has tennis lessons that end at 5pm Friday so we decided we would leave right after his lesson. That was mistake one. Not surprisingly, traffic is quite bad on Friday afternoons. It took us two hours to get out of the Bay Area. A few hours into the trip, we stopped to get some quick food and the boys wanted some ice cream. That was mistake two. A few hours after the ice cream, Nathaniel woke up and got sick all over the car. Since this is not something our kids usually do at all, we were poorly prepared. We pulled over, cleaned and changed him and then got back on the road.

Another few hours later, the whole incident repeated itself. And since we were only going away for two days, this meant that Nathaniel was now wearing the last of his spare clothes. The car was smelly enough to make the rest of us sick and what was supposed to be a four and a half hour drive took us seven hours.

To make things even more fun, there was very little snow on the mountain so many of the runs were closed. But all four of us still got a full day of skiing in and had a great time.

Instead of spending half a day on the road, we decided to brave the drive back that same night so we could sleep in our own bed. Fourteen hours of driving for six hours of skiing. This will go down in history as the quickest trip to Tahoe and hopefully the next ones won’t be nearly as painful.

Stories of Twenty Fifteen is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

You Choose - Week 9

This week’s pick is to being alive. Being brave. Choosing to fly. Being edgy. Being who you are when no one’s watching. Wearing your wings. Spreading them and flying again and again. I wanted to do something different this time. I used more black than I usually would. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s feeling edgy to me. But also not like me. Not my usual soft and happy colors. Sometimes it’s good to try new things.

here is a side look for the shimmer:

You Choose is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

A Book a Week – dept of speculation

I read Dept. of Speculation because my friend Lauren recommended it. This is a really small book. I read it while sitting in a cafe. That’s how short it is. It’s also written in an unusual style so if books that aren’t in a standard format bother you, this might be a tough one to get through.

But if not, this is a really good book. Profound. Interesting. Thought-provoking. About motherhood, marriage, life.

A big bang for the buck considering its little size.

Fifty-Two Stamps - Week 11

For this week’s stamp, I did something quick and small but it’s quite fun and very versatile. It’s a little flag stamp. I can use it to make little flags out of all the fun paper I have. Or I can stamp with color ink and just have fun little flag on my planner.

Here’s what the stamp looks like:

Simple but fun.

Fifty-two stamps is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Note to Self – Week 11

This week’s page takes its inspiration from Serena Bridgeman’s lesson from Life Book 2014. Her weathered background was so very beautiful that I yearned to do something similar. I don’t think mine hit the mark but I tried.

The text for this week says: be bold.

I was very scared to make this page. The more I watched her make hers, the more I believed I just couldn’t make mine. When I don’t know how to do something, I generally approach it with a lot of apprehensiveness and fear. I keep telling myself I can’t do it. I worry about failing. I worry about hating the result.

But who cares?

In the end, why does it matter if I fail or if I hate it? And, more importantly, how will I learn if I never try? It’s not possible to learn without trying. And, yes, I can’t fail if I don’t try but I also can’t succeed without trying. Nothing is possible without trying.

so this week’s reminder is to be bold. To try. To go for it!

here’s a side view it’s shiny:

i love the shine:

Note to self: don’t hesitate. go for it. be bold.

Note to Self is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

Everyday Brave – Week 10

This week’s page is a simple one. There are days where I just feel like I can’t think of anything at all to draw. I stare at the walls around me, hoping some idea will jump out at me, and often it does not. This time, I decided to not overthink it, I drew the lamp on my table, simple as it is. It was right there and I am trying to practice sketching. So the lamp it was.

The right side is the tulips that were sitting on my desk, too. And then right next to them, I drew my little bag that I’ve had for over twenty years. It holds my wallet, a few pens, and my phone. It’s easy and tiny, the opposite of my other bag and I love it. Just a week of ordinary items this week.

And there we are. Here’s another week.

Fifty-two stamps is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.