Digital Downloads – Holiday Tags

A few months ago, I made some handmade tags for Julie’s handmade for the holidays series. There were six tags and one set of downloads. This is the set of digital downloads.

if you feel like you’re too stressed or busy to create the handmade tags I’ve been posting, I also wanted to offer you an even faster alternative. Here are three tags you can download and print.

You can click here to download them.

And if you want to make them a little more interesting, you can ink them up after you print them, like I did with mine.

You are welcome to play with these as much as you want and use them anywhere you’d like. You are NOT allowed to sell them ever. You don’t have to but I’d appreciate a link back if you do use them.

This was originally posted at Julie Fei-Fan Balzer‘s blog as part of handmade for the holidays series.

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