Daily Diary – July 19 2011

Another mostly-work-focused day here. So the little boy played.

the big boy did his math work.

I love these photos of him focusing.

I’m trying to encourage him to look at me.

He doesn’t but I do get a sideways smile.

I love that smile.

David went around measuring everything.

It wasn’t a good day for David-photos. Somehow everything I took of him was blurry.

I finally put all the photos in my gratitude album (and the ones for this year.) and Nathaniel loved looking at them.

Another terrible photo of David but he’s super excited about the legos he got today.

I had meetings. The kids worked, played, and now Daddy’s home so I get a short break. Tonight, possibly some art. Hopefully some rest.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful for another productive work day. Whoop!
2. I am grateful that my kids know when and how to play by themselves so I can get work done. I know this is a luxury and I don’t take it for granted one bit.
3. I am grateful for my giggly, sweet boys and all the time I get to spend with them. Even when I have a lot of work, we get a lot of snuggle and laugh time and I love love love that.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I got an alien lego (thanks Amore and opapa!) * {his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that mommy put the photos in “reading with David” book.
3. I am grateful that I played on the phone.

1 comment to Daily Diary – July 19 2011

  • dawn

    I love the sideways photos of him smiling, he is so cute and little. My son likes to measure things around the house too. You are very lucky they play so well everyday while you work. Have another good day.

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