Daily Diary – July 26 2011

As annoying as it was, today was a useful day. We woke up early and I exercised so that we could get out the door cause both kids had dentist’s appointments. It all went well, thankfully. Our dentist lets the kids take a little toy home so David came home with a tiny water gun (and Nathaniel picked a car.) He wanted to play with it immediately so went in the backyard to play. Nathaniel watched, of course.

Here he is filling the watergun.

I love watching him watch David. I love his focus and concentration.

And I love watching David play and be so happily involved in his own projects.

Then it was nap time. While Nathaniel napped, the repairman came and fixed our dishwasher (yey!!) and then Nathaniel woke up and we took a super-quick trip to buy me a pair of pants (I literally had none that fit.) And when we came home, my new fitbit was waiting in the mailbox. So all was ok again. I caught up on my work while the little ones played some more.

And I quickly just snapped two more photos. One of him.

and one of him.

Then I had meetings, Jake came home, fed the kids and now they are doing their nightly activities. I get to go to the movies tonight with a friend and I am really looking forward to it.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I get to go to the movies tonight.
2. I am grateful for an amazing gift I got in the mail today, more on this very soon.
3. I am grateful for a new pair of pants. Nice to finally have a pair that fits.
4. I am grateful my machine is working and I got a new fitbit. Life is going back to normal.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful I watched some pokemon lessons. * {his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that I got a watergun from the dentist.
3. I am grateful that I played with my lego men.

4 comments to Daily Diary – July 26 2011

  • Kim

    What a gift to have to go and buy pants because none of your other ones fit! I am assuming, of course, that this is a good thing because of your dedication to exercising. We are so behind in dentist and doctors appointments in this house – how does one fit all of that into a normal life schedule? I am hoping you are feeling better in your moods. Had to laugh at David’s “grateful for” number 1 thing today – Riley is quite Pokemon crazed.

    • karenika

      yes! all the others fell off me! And yes it was good. I just wish the wii fit decided i lose weight too since it keeps telling me i am gaining it!! ugh. i have no idea how anyone else fits things 🙁 I know it certainly makes my week fall apart when i have one of those appointments! i am doing better 🙂 trying to remind myself that life is great (which it is, but i tend to lose perspective sometimes.) Does riley know how to play the game? David’s watching all the rules/movies online and then taking notes lol 🙂

  • dawn

    So glad you at least had a better day today. love the pictures and hooray for new pants. I sadly had an even worse day today so going to bed and hoping for a much much better one tomorrow. hugs dawn

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