Daily Diary – September 15 2011

I am on mom and dad duty for the next two days so this morning I dropped David off and then got right to work. Nathaniel played and poked himself while I worked.

Then he napped, I worked, he got up and we went to pick up David. They got to watch a little bit of TV.

In exchange for veggies and photos.

Nathaniel’s been reading a lot.

I am assuming it’s cause David is reading nonstop lately. And of course he wants to be just like his brother.

He also likes to sit on his brother.

Give him some awkward hugs.

and more and more hugs.

I am so grateful that he loves his brother so much. It’s been really hectic over here. A lot of work. A lot. And tired from getting up at 5:30 every morning. Still sketching and art journaling but that’s pretty much it. I apologize for being behind on comments. I will catch up I promise.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I got my order full of new stencils by Julie, I cannot wait to play with them.
2. I am grateful that I feel calm despite having too much on my plate at the moment.
3. I am grateful that Jake traveled safe and sound.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful I got a new book from my school library * {his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that I played with Nathaniel.
3. I am grateful that I played bugs on board at school with Tobias today.

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