Us Right Now – October 1

Jake’s still ramping back up from being away. This week was several trips to the city and Berkeley and a few other meetings. I honestly don’t know how he can so consistently do that. I have a lot of respect for his persistence. As of last week, Jake’s started wearing contacts. It’s just a few hours a day and it’s been challenging but he’s been persistent and doing a fantastic job.

I wish I could say this week wasn’t as hectic as the previous few but that was not the case. I still had a huge amount of work and on top of that it was performance review time so I also had to do a ton of those to do in the middle of everything else. And there even was an extra chaos on Friday. I did get some down time in the middle of all of this, which was nice. And today I get to celebrate my 365th day of consecutive exercise which is also very nice.

David had a great week. He had photo day so he was in full uniform. He had a playdate. He met his school family. He was happy for most of this week which made me very happy. He’s still enjoying his new school very much and making new friends. I am just grateful that he loves it there and looks forward to going to school. He’s also loving his legos and spending a lot of time with them.

Nathaniel is enjoying every moment of school as well. He gets really sad on Tuesdays and Thursday because he knows that he doesn’t get to go to school on those days. He gets sad when I go to pick him up. He really enjoys every minute of it. One of the teachers there has an especially close relationship with him and that makes me even happier. I just love that both my kids are loved and appreciated even when they are not with me. What else could I ask for?

Us Right Now is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here.

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  • dawn

    I couldn’t do what Jake does either, that’s great he can be in so many places in a short time. Glad things are going well with him and good luck with the contacts.

    Hope things slow down a little for you this week Karen so it’s not so busy. You seem to handle any situation wonderfully too.

    Those boys are so cute and it’s great they both like school. It is the first big step away from their parents and we always want it to be a good thing.

    Have a great Sunday and first week of October.

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